How to Make Healthy Fast Food Choices

Flickr photo by VirtualErn
I've made it pretty clear that I'm not a fan of fast food (Kim has too, except for her little chicken problem), but sometimes you're in a bind or feeling weak. Even as you're pulling into that drive-through, you can still show some restraint.


Stacey Grant of Fabulously Healthy People recently posted a list of fast food picks from national chains. Grant also makes it clear that cooking your own food is best, staying away from processed food even better.

As someone who has popped into Baja Fresh on occasion, even as I swear I never will again, I do appreciate Grant's recommendations for that particular chain. What's more, I'm whooping it up because she didn't tell me to forgo the cheese altogether. After all, what's a burrito without cheese? Well, a healthy burrito, but it's not going to satisfy my cheese tooth.

The next time you're craving the chain, check out her list of menu items and rules to live (healthier) by. One simple rule to remember: If you're ordering meat, the less legs, the better.


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