Ben & Jerry's New Flavor: Bonnaroo Buzz

Bonnaroo Buzz ice cream
Photo from Ben & Jerry's
I'm a little overly excited about Ben & Jerry's partnership with Bonnaroo Music Festival. Not because I'm from Tennessee (where the music festival is hosted), and not because Bonnaroo is getting some much-deserved publicity, but because the new flavor that they created specifically for this partnership just sounds so darn good.


The flavor, called Bonnaroo Buzz, consists of light coffee & malt ice creams with whiskey caramel swirls & English toffee pieces ... oh. my. gawd. My mouth is already watering.

Sean Greenwood, a publicist for Ben & Jerry's tells Slashfood how they came up with the frozen concoction, "We worked on various combinations using the festival, the setting, and Tennessee as inspiration. Our Flavor Guru, Eric Fredette worked his magic to come up with the final version which Bonnaroo was very happy with. The Bonnaroo folks were very instrumental trying the flavor along the way and giving us feedback so they ended up with something they had a part in, and were thrilled with."

Yeah, I have no doubt they were instrumental. Who wouldn't want to be a part of coming up with a new Ben & Jerry's flavor? And more importantly, how can I be a part of the next one?

Bonnaroo Buzz will debut nationwide on May 4th, and will (obviously) be available at Bonnaroo (so if you're near Manchester, TN on June 10-13, be sure to try some!).

Do you think you'll like this flavor? If you could create your own Ben & Jerry's flavor, what would it be?

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