Chick fil-A Stay Away!

Flickr photo by charlesstarrett
I'm not ordinarily a proponent of fast food chains, but I do have one weakness: Chick-fil-A.

Something about those fried chicken sandwiches and waffle fries makes my arguments about health, caloric intake, sustainable food production, and processed food fly out the window. Which is exactly why I was gleefully excited devastated to read this morning that construction has begun on three Chick-fil-A restaurant locations in the Chicago area.


My love affair with the quick-service chicken chain began years and years ago; I worked with a guy (originally from the South) whose mom would occasionally FedEx him Chick-fil-A sandwiches because you can't get them up here. I thought he was crazy -- and frankly, chicken arriving by post grossed me out -- until he gave me a bite.

::Happy sigh:: Heaven.

Since then, I've been a fan, and I've even brought my husband over to the dark side: We look forward to having Chick-fil-A once a year on our drive south to Florida to visit family. Really, that's about the only time we Northerners come into contact with a Chick-fil-A location.

Until now.

The arrival of Chick-fil-A in the Chicago area is bad news for my waistline, my cholesterol, and my staunchly principled stance that fast food is evil incarnate. True, the new locations are in the suburbs -- I live in the city -- but that only means I'm potentially going to be burning fossil fuels to get out there for my fix. And apparently, in addition to these three locations, we're getting three more in the near-ish future. Help!

I guess we'll see if my willpower is any match for fried chicken deliciousness.

Are there any restaurants chains you simply can't resist?

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