Jamie Oliver to Spend Own Money on Food Revolution

jamie oliver's food revolution
Photo from ABC
If you've been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (Fridays, 9 p.m. on ABC) you know that when it comes to improving school lunch programs, this guy isn't messing around.

Now, Jamie's upping the stakes: He plans to spend his own money -- millions of pounds over the next 10 years -- to provide food education and meals to 1,000 of England's primary schools. If that isn't passion, I don't know what is.


True, Jamie has money to spend: He was just named one of Britain's 1000 Wealthiest People. But the fact that he plans to encourage and support healthy eating in schools with millions of pounds from his own pocket is practically worthy of sainthood.

According to the BBC, Jamie plans to provide schools with funds to:

  • Build gardens.
  • Build school kitchens.
  • Plant seeds and fruit trees.
  • Pay for food education materials including web sites, DVDs and conferences.

And, yes, there have are plenty of doubters as to whether Jamie's efforts to improve school lunches have been successful (Food Revolution fans, would you agree that Alice, the surly school lunch lady, is the most notorious?)

But new research by Oxford University and Essex University found that his healthy school campaign had boosted pupils' test results at schools in a London district.

Take that, doubters!

Because Jamie's donating tons of his own cash to improve school lunches, don't you think the least we could do is sign his petition?

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