9 Foods We Love to Hate

anchoviesI've never understood why people dislike cilantro so much. But one thing's for sure: There's a ton of cilantro-haters out there (enough to make it into The New York Times). Every time the subject of detested food comes up, someone always mentions cilantro and makes a disgusted face. Me? I love the stuff, but it got me thinking: What other foods do people love to hate?


A highly scientific poll (actually we just asked The Stir team for their opinion) reveals the following foods to be the "most hated":

1. Anchovies: Whenever you ask people what they want on their pizza, they say, "I'll eat anything. Except anchovies." I've never actually seen a pizza with anchovies on it, so why does everyone act like this topping is so ubiquitous?

2. Onions: You can't cook without it, so why is this bulb so revolting to so many?

3. Tofu: One of those foods that vegetarians can't imagine living without, and yet it makes carnivores want to barf.

4. Liver: I eat pretty much everything, but I draw the line at liver. True story: One time in a restaurant, I ate chicken liver by mistake, and I had to run to the bathroom to expel it immediately from my body. Lovely.

5. Mushrooms: Maybe it's the thought of eating fungus; maybe it's the slimy texture; whatever it is, mushrooms are unappealing to a lot of people.

6. Beets: Again with the slimy texture ... some people consider beets to be the devil in disguise.

7. Brussels Sprouts: Take a whiff of Brussels sprouts (wait, don't!) to see why this vegetable is at the top of everyone's "hate" list.

8. Sauerkraut: Stinky, slimy, vinegary -- this condiment is an acquired taste.

9. Tongue: A meeting of the tongues in anything other than a romantic tryst is just vile.

Which foods do you love to hate?

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