Celebrate the Blizzard for Only 25 Cents!

Photo from Dairy Queen
The Blizzard turns 25 (ohmygodhowoldamI?), and this is very good news if you've got a Dairy Queen near you. Grab a friend and head to the land of creamy dreamy ice cream and crispy chicken sandwiches because if you buy one Blizzard, your second one is only 25 cents!


Starting today and all this week, Dairy Queen is offering this Blizzard steal in celebration of the anniversary when someone at the DQ HQ realized mixing cookies and candy into soft serve was freaking awesome.

I have very, very fond memories of begging my mom to go through the Dairy Queen drive-through so I could get a cookies-and-cream Blizzard post-basketball game. (Post-anything, really.) I have to admit, I've avoided the Queen since I've gotten older for obvious ice cream = gut growth reasons. However, I'm going to hunt one down this week because, darn it, the Blizzard needs to be celebrated.

Find a DQ near you.

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