Best Chocolate Chip Cookies You've Ever Made

Last weekend my daughter and I christened our new home by making chocolate chip cookies. I have to admit our menu item was more a result of me not having the strength to present her with another choice, as every single time I ask her, "What do you want to make?" she answers, "Chocolate chip cookies!!"

Turns out, the little gourmand was on to something.


I searched the web for a fantastic chocolate chip cookie recipe and struck gold with Not Without Salt's entry for the last chocolate chip recipe you'll ever need.

Ashley of NWS warns us, and so I'll do the same, that once you try this chocolate chip cookie, you won't ever, ever be able to go back to Toll House. She's right. I'm ruined for all other chocolate chip cookies.

My daughter? Not so much. That kid could have Chips Ahoy! and be happy.

But this recipe is more of an adult chocolate chip cookie, as illustrated by the instruction to use the "best chocolate you can afford." It calls for one pound of a serious chocolate bar, couveture. (We used three bars of Scharffen Berger's bittersweet, which didn't equal one pound, but was enough chocolate for both my daughter and me to feel properly satiated.)

The final touch, one that Ashley heartily recommends, is a sprinkling of sea salt. I loved this. My daughter didn't. Spit it out, in fact, so we made the last half of the cookies without the sprinkling.

The other drawback to making this recipe with kids is all the chopping of the chocolate -- a solo act since I'm not going to let my 4-year-old handle a knife. A big part of the fun for my daughter is pouring the chips from the bag. I'm feeling a bit bad for her that we'll never, ever be doing that again. Seriously, this recipe is that mind-blowingly good.

Judging from how my daughter ate up the last chocolate chip recipe you'll ever need, I think she'll get over it.

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