Rainbow Pancakes' Shocking Backlash: Unfair or Justified?


rainbow pancakes
Photo from i am mommy
Remember these rainbow pancakes? We all got a huge kick out of them here at The Stir as did hundreds of thousands of other viewers around the Web.

But in addition to the overwhelming positive response, mommy blogger Amanda Rettke -- the original rainbow pancake poster -- also got a TON of flak for feeding something so unhealthy to her kids.

In an interview yesterday with Momlogic, Amanda shared some of the most negative comments she received from the rainbow-pancake haters:

  • "Food for people with no self-respect."
  • "This is just GROSS!"
  • "This woman should not be allowed to procreate."

So mean! I'd like to say I had no idea people could be so nasty, but as a blogger I can empathize how awful these type of comments might make someone feel.

See how Amanda keeps everything in perspective and doesn't let the negativity get her down in the rest of the interview on Momlogic.

And in the meantime, tell us: What do you think about the rainbow pancakes? Gross and irresponsible? Or all in good fun?

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jeann... jeannesager

What, exactly, is unhealthy about homemade pancakes? Would it be better if she plunked down a bowl of Frosted Flakes? The woman used flax seed for cripes sake!

scien... science_spot

The striking color is just yucky. I don't think people give enough credit to the nastiness of artificial color.

That said, two wrongs don't make a right. No one deserves that type of response, over pancakes.

kelli... kelli0585

The article is right. . .there IS a truly evil side to websites and blogs made for moms. Have you SEEN some of the crap that gets posted on here? Women are mean in general. . . turn one into a sanctimonious mother, and all hell breaks loose.

pumpk... pumpkinpie778

•"This woman should not be allowed to procreate." Dumbest comment I ever read, its not like this lady is feeding her child food they are allergic to. and shes not giving a diabetic child junk food or a child that has medical problems that warn they can not have junk food-junk food.

I have a boy that eats sugary sweets and he does not put much weight on-hes average weight and the youngest girl is average weight from eating sweets, and my youngest daughter was born alot bigger then her 1st sister and her brother, she drinks health drinks like tomato juice and kiwi juice, that they don't bother drinking, she is not even 2 years old and has way less sweets then they do and her tummy is getting bigger, thanks to Easter lol. Looks like she likes balls, shes a kid who would do well being nice and strong in sports, getting more excercise.

lovin... lovinangels

ok, food coloring is gross. that having been said, those pancakes are really freaking cute!

Steph... StephanieSD

I don't get what's wrong about a little fun food. And doing it in moderation as a special treat isn't the end of the world. Is she giving her kids gallons of artificial food coloring on a daily basis? I doubt it. (And even if she is, it's really none of our business.)

I went through a phase where I wanted to add blue food coloring to everything. My mom let me, as long as I helped out with the meal prep and cleaning up, too. And I had to eat whatever I colored, regardless of how weird it ended up looking.

bleum... bleumonster

If she fed food with food coloring to her kids everyday then I might have an issue with it. However if it is an occasional thing then what is the problem? What do you think is in cake and cupcake frosting and popsicles hmmm? I see nothing wrong with making healthy homemade food for your children and adding a bit of fun to it.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Are you serious? With all the TRUE SH!& people feed their kids, and people were upset about food coloring? I have seen some of the most REPULSIVE, NAUSEATING, GUT-CLOGGING horrible recipes passed around as "good ideas" on this website and other places. If food coloring is the most unhealthy part about her recipe, she's MILES ahead of MOST of other American mothers.

Jesse... JessecaLynn

Wow that is horrible that she got so much flack for that. I mean I've seen rainbow colored cakes and no one freaking out about that. Heck you probably could find natural ways to color the pancakes to the same results and add flavor. I think it is cute and may do it for my kids soon.

Heath... HeatherMQ

Are you kidding me? People got upset about it? It's pancakes! Then again, we did rainbow cupcakes for my daughters first birthday and I had a few people refuse to eat them because they were different colors and that's too weird. Man are they in for a surprise at my daughters 4th birthday in a few weeks, she picked a Tie Dye Theme. lol

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