Rainbow Pancakes' Shocking Backlash: Unfair or Justified?

rainbow pancakes
Photo from i am mommy
Remember these rainbow pancakes? We all got a huge kick out of them here at The Stir as did hundreds of thousands of other viewers around the Web.

But in addition to the overwhelming positive response, mommy blogger Amanda Rettke -- the original rainbow pancake poster -- also got a TON of flak for feeding something so unhealthy to her kids.


In an interview yesterday with Momlogic, Amanda shared some of the most negative comments she received from the rainbow-pancake haters:

  • "Food for people with no self-respect."
  • "This is just GROSS!"
  • "This woman should not be allowed to procreate."

So mean! I'd like to say I had no idea people could be so nasty, but as a blogger I can empathize how awful these type of comments might make someone feel.

See how Amanda keeps everything in perspective and doesn't let the negativity get her down in the rest of the interview on Momlogic.

And in the meantime, tell us: What do you think about the rainbow pancakes? Gross and irresponsible? Or all in good fun?

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