SnacknPak Makes Snacks-to-Go Fashionable

SnacknPak ($24.99); Roam
Ever have too many baggies of snacks for the kiddies floating your bag? The SnacknPak is chic like a wallet and unfolds to a binder-type operation with reusable Ziplock baggies -- it's designed to hold all the kid essentials you need.


There's a bag for food, treats, medicine, wipes, and more. Stuff it full of snacks like goldfish, wipes, medicine, crayons ... anything your mom heart desires. Then roll it up, fasten it, and toss in your bag. Voila -- everything in one place.

Then, when your tot is asking for something, unhook the binder clip, take off the resealable, reusable plastic bag, and hand it to them.

Would a SnacknPak make your life easier?

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