Thin Crust Pizza -- My New Obsession

pizzaMy hometown, Chicago, may be the mecca of deep-dish pizza, but recently I've found myself craving something completely un-Chicagoan -- thin crust pizza.

A few Neapolitan-style pizza joints have opened in and around my 'hood, which is maybe why I have a taste for the thin stuff and begging my husband to replicate it at home.

Here's the trick to a good crust: It has to be thin-thin so that you get a perfect sauce/ingredient to crust ration, but not too thin so that the crust burns and/or droops under the weight of the ingredients.


When my husband makes thin crust homemade pizza, he rolls the pizza dough out to 1/8-inch thickness and pricks it all over with a fork so the dough doesn't bubble when baking. He bakes it on a pizza stone for about 2 minutes at high heat; then layers on the toppings; and bakes the whole thing again for 6-8 minutes until the cheese is melted and browned.

He swears that by baking it this way -- before and after you add the toppings -- helps to ensure that the crust doesn't stick or tear, which is tricky business when the crust is so very thin.

Which type of pizza do you prefer: Thin crust or thick crust?

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