Ideas For a Polka Dot-Themed Party

polka dot cake
Photo by I Am Baker
There are several reasons why I like polka dot-themed parties:

  1. They're not gender-specific.
  2. Good for any age group.
  3. Easy to decorate.
  4. Cheap to decorate (yesss!).
  5. They're just so darn cute!

For decorations:

  • Take various colors of scrapbook paper and cut them into large circles. You can write things like "Happy Birthday" on them or just leave them blank and stick them on the walls.
  • Using needle and thread, string together a long thread of fuzzy craft balls. Space them evenly out so you don't have to use as many (i.e. doesn't take as much time to make). To keep them from sliding down, tie knots in the string at the base of each ball. I used this idea for a "curtain," but for a party, you can have it in the entryway for guests to come through.
  • Buy a bunch of plastic beach balls and place them sporadically around. It counts as decoration and entertainment.
  • It's amazing the other crafts that you can do with wrapping paper. Amanda from I Am Baker, wrapped large vases in dotted paper to add a playful touch... so cute!

Photo by I Am Baker

For food:

  • Polka dot cookies: Talented Amanda also made some adorable polka dot cookies by simply covering silver dollar-sized cookies in colored icing. She stuck them on a two-tiered fondant cake and on sticks in the wrapped vases to carry on the polka dot theme.
  • Take a melon baller to make rounded fruit and toss it in with the likes of grapes, apples, and oranges.
  • Cut sandwiches into circles.
  • And, of course, she had extras to just munch on.
  • Milkshakes or smoothies: Not only are they colorful, but if you place halved marshmallows on the side, it gives them a cute polka dot effect. 

Photo by I Am Baker


For activities:

  • Twister ... obviously. 
  •  Polka Dot Bingo: Make little bingo cards with different colors of dots. Call out the colors, and the first kid who gets four colors straight in a row wins a prize.
  • Bubbles: Who doesn't love bubbles? Especially if they're colored bubbles!
  •  Musical Dots: Play a theme version of Musical Chairs. Cut large round dots, and place them on the floor in a circle. The kids have to sit down on them instead of chairs during the game.

This is one of those themes that you can take in several directions, so tell me, what's your favorite idea for a polka dot-themed party?

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