Grilled Cheese, Please! (78 Different Recipes, In Fact)

grilled cheese
Photo from Grilled Cheese Academy

Cue the bow chica bow wow music, 'cause the food porn's about to start ...

What you're looking at is The Birchwood, a sandwich made with melted brick and aged cheddar cheeses, and sauteed mushrooms, topped with a sunny-side-up egg. It's just one of 30 mouthwatering gourmet sandwich photos (and 78 recipes) found at The Grilled Cheese Academy. I've been looking at the site all morning, so you can only imagine how hungry I am by now.


The Grilled Cheese Academy -- a collection of gourmet grilled cheese recipes -- is an effort by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board to encourage people to buy Wisconsin Cheese.

Yum! Consider me encouraged! 

What's your favorite grilled cheese recipe? Or do you prefer it plain?

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