Adult Prom Party: Why Should Teens Have All The Fun?

couple dancing
Photo by AdrinaBabyMama
Oh, prom. Such fond memories: The big puffy dresses, the awkward poses, the feeling that it's going to be the night ... 

The best thing about throwing an adult prom? You can have so much more fun with it this time around. No teen drama, no crying over prom queen, and you aren't limited to getting lucky in the back of a pickup truck (though it might be fun for old times' sake).


Here's how to throw an adult prom party:


  • Pretend you're back in high school and come up with a theme. Or (because we're adults now), play it safe with twinkly lights, confetti sprinkled everywhere, and gold and silver balloons.
  • Set up a photo area and greet guests when they come in by taking an awkwardly posed prom photo of them.

Dress code:

  • Encourage people to dress in formal attire -- bonus points if they manage to fit into their original prom dress.

Food and drink:

  • Nothing messy. No one wants barbecue sauce on their nice dress. Stick with cheese and crackers, miniature pigs-in-the-blanket, and other simple finger foods.
  • Punch -- it's legal to spike it now. 

The music:

  • And now for a little nostalgia: Break out songs that were hits at your high school prom. Don't forget the slow-dance tunes!

What was the theme of your high school prom?




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