Subway Debuts Breakfast, Plus 6 Other Weird Fast Food Breakfasts

Subway breakfast sandwich
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Subway debuted their breakfast menu yesterday, and as much as I love hitting it up for a quick lunch, I wasn't rushing to my favorite sandwich shop this morning. Subway and breakfast just don't seem to go together.

While I'm quite aware that I may be in my own little universe with this thought, here are six other fast food restaurants where it's weird (at least for me) to get breakfast:

  1. Taco Bell: Late last year, they began testing out a breakfast menu in certain areas. I haven't heard of it expanding, so I'm guessing it hasn't been welcomed with open arms. Shocking.
  2. Dairy Queen: Does anyone actually eat food food here? No. But at least sometimes you can be intrigued by the false advertisement photos and get fries on your late night Blizzard trip. That's not going to happen for breakfast. Which, they're probably finding out in the few test sites across the country. Unless you like ice cream for breakfast (hey, I've done it, so I'm not judging).
  3. Chick-fil-A: For this one, when I say weird I really mean super awesome. Who doesn't love Chick-fil-A? Unfortunately, there's only one place in my city that I can get one of the delicious chicken sandwiches (which are perfectly enjoyed morning, noon, and night) and it's located in an NYU building. Feel sorry for me? I do.
  4. KFC: Not saying I'm a fan of KFC, but in their online photos, I have to say the breakfast chicken sandwich looks kind of tasty. But the porridge looks like baby food ... after it's spit up. Ick. 
  5. Sonic: Whenever I think of Sonic, I think cherry limeade ... mmm. Now I want one. But breakfast? Not so much. 
  6. Arby's: Probably the closest to being accepted by me as a fast food breakfast restaurant, almost as cool and unhealthy as Burger King and McDonald's. Still, I had an obsession with their roast beef sandwiches as a child, and my mom would take me there as a treat during our Saturday errand runs (childhood obesity, anyone?) so I have a hard time wrapping my head around eating anything other than their roast beef. 

Do you like any of these restaurants for breakfast? What's your favorite fast food breakfast?

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