Color Your Food Gold With Metallic Spray

Aside from dying Easter eggs, which I did last weekend with a bunch of adults, I don't color my food. Growing up my mother would hide a glass of green milk in the fridge for good luck on St. Patty's Day ... apparently the leprechaun left it for us. (She still does it to this day if we are home around that time.) Now, foodies are taking coloring food to a new level with metallic spray:

Metallic Gold Food Spray ($15) by Fancy Flours


This fancy food spray has been hitting the food blogs big time, but bakers have been using this concept for ages. Now, trendy chefs are using it to spice up dinner just for fun. It's edible but tasteless and you can give a metallic gold spritz to almost anything. I'm talking muffins, tomatoes, lettuce, and even steak. 

It's kinda weird. Can you imagine going out to eat and having the waiter plop down a gold steak in front of you. 

But, it got me thinking. Would adding color to food make your kids say ... eat their veggies?

What do you think? Gross or genius?

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