Rock On With a Rock Band Party

rock band
Flickr photo by Jaymis
Back when we were kids -- unless we were musically-talented, of course -- we only had air guitars to rock out with (who else loved rockin' to Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven?" Classic guitar solo).

With games like Rock Band, today's teens are a heck of a lot closer to being Jimmy Page than we ever were. And if you're struggling to come up with a party idea that is actually cool enough for your teen (that doesn't embarrass them), plan a Rock Band Party. Warning to parents: Just don't sing ... you'll ruin any coolness factor you may have earned.



  • Make your invitations look like backstage passes by slipping the invite information into plastic luggage tags.

Food and Drink:

  • Real rock stars like to have buffets filled with all kinds of snack food in their dressing rooms. Set up a buffet filled with mini-burgers, pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks, chips and dip, etc.
  • A lot of celebrities make ridiculous requests, such as M&Ms of one color, so if you have spare time on your hands, have bowls of the candies, separated by color. Or, if you live near a big city, some specialty candy stores sell them by the color.
  • Create a "bar" area for the kids, serving non-alcoholic drinks such as Shirley Temples, Arnold Palmers, and Roy Rogers. They'll think they're hot stuff sipping cocktail-looking beverages out of highball glasses.


  • Push all of the living room furniture to the side to give plenty of performance space. Set it up to look like a club, using dimmed lighting and disco balls.
  • Line up a row of inflatable guitars along the wall using duct tape, as if it was showing off the rock star's "collection."
  • Recruit other adults to play roles:
    • A doorman that has a list at the door, checking off each name as the kids come in.
    • Paparazzi to take photos of everyone throughout the night.
    • Bartender to make the mocktails.
    • Rock Band promoter to manage the game and announce each group before they perform.


  • Since only four people can play Rock Band at a time, you need to involve the rest of the gang somehow. Have a judging panel for those that are not playing, American Idol-style, and then have the rest of the group vote on who advances to the next level. Make a contest out of it, giving prizes such as CDs or an iTunes gift card.
  • Encourage everyone to dress up as their favorite rock star and give a prize to the best costume.
  • And, if you have room, make space for a dance floor for the wanna-be Gene Simmons, Joan Jetts, and Ozzy Osbournes to get their rock and roll on. 

Have you ever hosted a Rock Band party? Who would you dress up as?

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