Hard Boiled Eggs Are Ruining My Marriage

easter egg
Flickr photo by vinzcha

Easter is a stressful holiday in my house, and not because of religious reasons or the fact that too many relatives are coming over for brunch. Rather, it's because at the end of the day we always have too many hard boiled eggs left over -- and it drives my husband absolutely batty.


Here's what always happens on Easter: My mom makes everyone color hard boiled eggs, and because I'm the only one in the family who likes them, she sends them all home with me -- much to my husband's dismay.

He H-A-T-E-S eggs of any description and claims that hard-cooked eggs are the worst offenders. If I even try to eat one in the house, he starts complaining that "Eggs stink. And [subsequently] the house stinks, and everything stinks, etc." And, then I'm banished to the porch to finish my egg.

And even if I'm home alone and eat one and then dispose of the evidence before he comes back, he always knows. He'll come in, nostrils flared, sniffing the air and looking for eggshell remnants -- it's creepy I tell you. And, sort of a tragedy, because though I really do love hard boiled eggs ... it's just not worth all the drama.

Seriously, Easter, I think you come around once a year just to torture me.

Is there a food you love that makes your SO gag?

Stay tuned for ideas of what to do with those leftover Easter eggs ...

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