Rebecca Raisely of That's Funny, I Eat Too: What's in My Fridge

Photo by That's Funny, I Eat Too
Every Friday in our "What's In My Fridge" feature, we'll be chatting with a different food blogger, asking them about their favorite foods and kitchen tools.

This week, I interviewed pastry chef Rebecca Raisley from That's Funny, I Eat Too. This sassy mom to Vinne, the cat, lives in Philly and whips up sweets at Parc in Rittenhouse Square while finishing up her last quarter of culinary school. Rebecca is a self-dubbed "pro-carnivore." (Yep, that's her in her blog header with a hacked up roasted duck and butcher knife. Her fridge is a lot less threatening.) Find out what Rebecca's guilty "old lady" pleasure is, what she keeps in her freezer, and who she calls the "godfather of gelatin."




What's up with your blog?

Well, this fascination all started while I was living in New York for my Bachelors Degree. I would zig-zag along and collect restaurant menus, which eventually accumulated into full binders and even more binders on my shelf. If that could have been an occupation I would be the executive! Until one day I thought it would be useful to share my collection of cheap places to eat, bring a date to, or take Mom and Dad along to pick up the check to my friends or better yet students. To this day I still receive calls, texts, and emails on where to eat in the concrete jungle. It's all truly flattering.

Photo by That's Funny, I Eat Too


What's in your fridge right now?

I'm sad to say I just polished off some extra chicken liver mouse from work so that was not documented; but I have the standards: Greek yogurt, always fresh fruits/berries, almond butter, Silk (Very Vanilla) and string cheese. I just mentioned a lot of dairy because my freezer is more exciting.

So, what's in your freezer?

Grass-fed bison meat, edamame, Ezekiel bread (regular and cinnamon raisin), spinach, sugar-free chocolate fudge pops, Popov Vodka, vegetable dumplings, and my Mom's frozen gravy.

Photo by That's Funny, I Eat Too

What must you always have in your fridge and can't live without?

Going with my gut on the yogurt because I'm big into always eating breakfast first thing. I will make a huge parfait with homemade granola and tons of berries sometimes even with an apple or pear on the side everything morning. But besides that being the main staple, I do have to add living without a good selection of jams or jelly's is a BIG no-no. Bonne Maman is the godfather of gelatin as far as I'm concerned.

Where is your fave place to shop?

As a once New Yorker, Dean & Deluca is my favorite. When I'm at home in NJ the answer is Wegman's or the local market, and in Philly obviously first answer Reading Terminal Market. If I were to choose where to live, hands down it would be in Dean & Deluca -- right next to the meat department and the copper pot section. I have one objective -- to always be surrounded by food.

What is the most embarrassing thing in there?

Most likely the Plum-Smart Juice. I can admit to fellow foodies that I love prunes and have some digestion issues. So a glass daily really gets the job done...if you know what I mean. There might even be flaxseeds specifically for that reason too.

What's your guilty pleasure food wise?

Amy's Pizza!! Can't believe it's not bad for you ... well it's most certainly not the best. Those personal-size pizzas, which I'm sure are not meant to be eaten in two minutes, are absolute heaven. Do try all the flavors!


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