"Cooking with Trader Joe's" Cookbook

Photo from Amazon
One huge advantage of living in California is the proliferation of Trader Joe's. We have one in Brooklyn, but there's no parking lot (and for many years we had no car) making it very difficult to load up on enough cheese, pie, and mixed nuts for the whole family.


Still, when I first laid hands on the Cooking with Trader Joe's cookbook I knew my life was about to get easier by a zillionth.

The idea behind this brilliant book is to make meals in like five minutes, that use pre-packaged, mostly all-natural, Trader Joe's products. You can check out a tempting recipe for Spicy Tropical Shrimp Boats on their website. (I made some Macho Nachos for a crowd and we were all won over with this easy way of entertaining.)

Needless to say I'll be jotting down these recipes on my weekly TJ's shopping trip now that we're so close to a lot of those suckers. And the Cooking with Trader Joe's geniuses just made my shopping trip even easier with their The Trader Joe's Companion portable cookbook. Throw it in your bag and you don't even have to make a list.

Even if you're not so lucky to have a local TJ's, you could use this book as a guide to easy cooking the next time you head to your local groc shop.

Ahhhh, I'm probably going to need to find a hobby with all this extra time on my hands.

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