April Fool's Pranks on Food Blogs

Photo from Starbucks

Apparently, even restaurant and food blogs are getting in on the April Fool's Day pranks. For example, Starbucks playfully announced that it was introducing two new beverage sizes: a "Plenta" (128 fl. oz.) and a Micra (2 fl oz). (Is it just me, or does a Plenta Chai sound delightful? Stop teasing me, Starbucks!)


And then Food Network Humor (a blog which paraodies the Food Network's hosts and shows) pranked that it was being acquired by the Food Network itself and, therefore, "will be contractually obligated to get my breasts enlarged, and must have a photo of me in a low-cut tank top prominently displayed on all pages – at all times" (obviously, a rib on Giada De Laurentiis, I think).

Hilarious. Too bad April 1 only happens once a year.

Check out Eater National for even more food blog April Fool's pranks.

Did you prank anyone today?

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