Glazed Honey Baked Ham: Mom Meals, Easter Edition

Flickr photo by ifindkarma
Some people go for lamb, but I'm a ham kinda' gal. Skin cracklings just scream, "Easter!" to me somehow. That and a deep fried creme egg and I'm done for the day.

If you're looking for a fabulous honey baked ham recipe, Simply Recipes has not one, but two! They both sound amazing: Sweet Honey Mustard Glaze and a Honey Thyme Glaze.


I'm drooling and I really don't know which way to go with this ham conundrum, but I'll certainly figure it out before Sunday.

Simply Recipes also offers some great ham tips I'd never thought about before such as; those spiral hams make for easy cutting but are a recipe for dryness.

Also there's a whole visual aspect to the cloves sticking out of the top of a ham. I had no idea.

They also offer a primer in slicing ham, which will come in handy if this is your first Easter dinner.

Check out Simply Recipes and choose your ham!


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