Mac and Cheese You Can Feel Great About

Flickr photo by WordRidden
Mac and cheese is my absolute favorite indulgence, and my kids have also picked up that this it's pretty much the greatest food in the world.

Not one to disappoint, they get the organic or homemade version about once a week but now I'm switching over to an even healthier version, because come on, it's still mac and cheese.


A friend made this butternut squash mac and cheese recipe (yes, I'm a huge sucker for butternut squash -- year round) for a New Year's Eve party, and I've found an easy version on Rachael Ray's website.

The best thing about this version, is that Rach encourages you to buy frozen butternut squash so you don't spend time cutting it into tiny pieces and roasting it up.

This is a lot like the sneaky chef -- pureed veggies in the kid food -- but it's also so delicious I clamor for it more often than the kids. That makes for a seriously successful mom meal.

Do you hide veggies in your kid's food?

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