Clean Up Easier With Skoy

Photo from Skoy
If you're like me, you use way too many paper towels in the kitchen. I feel like I buy a new roll every week -- oh, the waste! Tsk, tsk.

The other week at a green expo, someone handed me this handy little product -- Skoy -- that makes cleaning a breeze. And, it's drastically cut down on my paper towel use.


Skoy is a mix between a paper towel and a sponge. It's thin but super absorbent and can be tossed in the dishwasher or washing machine. Skoy is also biodegradable and breaks down in five weeks. 

Plus, they are cute. No more green and yellow sponges ... these are in pretty hues like yellow, orange, blue, and pink with a floral design (using water-based inks). 

I'm addicted and use it for the counter in the kitchen and the bathroom and for cleaning up pet messes like accidents and dirty paws. 

Would you trade your paper towel habit for Skoy?

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