Rubik's Cube Party: A Blast From the Past

Rubik's cube
Flickr photo by Kari Marie
No, a Rubik's Cube party isn't a gathering of nerds all sitting around trying to find the mathematical equation for completing the '80s toy (check out this website if you're curious, though).


The idea behind this adult party is for everyone to come dressed in six articles of clothing, each in a different Rubik's Cube color (example: red shorts, green socks, orange headband, blue t-shirt, white hat, yellow long-sleeved shirt). Throughout the evening, they have to swap with others so that, at the end of the night, everyone is wearing an outfit of one solid color. It might be good to suggest that they were a black tank top and shorts underneath -- even the Rubick's Cube had black under its colored squares -- unless you want a really crazy party.

It's a great theme for those parties that include several different groups of friends who don't know each other: "Hey, can I have your shirt?" "Sure, can I have your pants?" ... how's that for an icebreaker?

Just make sure to warn your guests to wear clothing that they don't mind losing. No one wants to be the guy stumbling up to party goers at the end of the night asking for their clothes back.

Party Games:

If your friends need a little encouragement to strip, hand out prizes for the best dressed, funniest, and sexiest outfits. It's amazing what people will do when there's a $20 prize involved. Or you can just give them lots of booze. Or both.


Decorations aren't too important for this kind of party, but you can enhance the Rubick's Cube theme by switching out light bulbs in each room to a colored bulb: Red room, blue room, green room (sounds like a White House tour) and filling the rooms with color-coordinating balloons.

You'll want to create a "changing room" space that's easily accessible so people can switch clothing items. However if you serve alcohol, this may be used less and less as the night continues ...


No need to go crazy with this. Typical party foods such as chips and dip and vegetable platters will suffice.

Have you ever hosted a Rubik's Cube party?

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