Hate Foodies? Read This Website

shut up foodies"Shut up" is a phrase that's not allowed in my house (it's not a swear obviously, but it's so rude!), yet one of my favorite new food blogs is Shut Up, Foodies!

The site's tagline cuts directly to the chase: "Your chickens won’t save the world and we don’t want the life story of everything on the menu ... please stop talking about ramps."

These folks aren't messing around!


The snarky site pokes fun at the absurdities, snobbery, and excess of foodies on the Internet: for instance, when New York Times food writer Sam Sifton and Top Chef host Tom Colicchio banter relentlessly about ramps -- who cares!

My favorite features are the "Shut Up, Bacon" posts, which assail the ridiculous ubiquity of this salty breakfast food.

Shut Up, Foodies! reminds me a bit of our own post here on The Stir: 8 Food Trends We Wish Would Die a Slow, Painful Death ... Except I hope this great new food blog enjoys a long, long life.

Do you hate foodies? Or do you consider yourself one?

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