Got a Picky Eater? Quarantine 'Em

child at dinner
Photo by Yui
As it turns out, I wasn't being quite as outrageous as my mother made me out to be when I would rant about how strict the rules were at dinner. Apparently, they were comparable to that of a Chinese quarantine ...


You see, my mother made us eat everything on our plate. Don't like it? Tough. You'll go hungry until the next meal. Snacks between meals were a mere fantasy. I can't count how many times I held my nose in an attempt to choke down the horrid brussels sprouts I was being forced to eat. Blech.

Oh, and the real kicker: My mom despised eating vegetables. Never ate anything green. But by golly, us kids had to.

So you can imagine my surprise when I read this post on The Kitchen Daily by KJ Dell'Antonia: It details her family's experience when they unexpectedly got caught up in the H1N1 quarantine mess during a family trip to China and were served Chinese food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- no choices or exceptions. The most shocking part of it? Her three picky eaters (ages 7, 5, and 3) actually ate everything ... including snails ... and did not complain.

I guess a quarantine experience for one family is just a regular dinner for another. Check out the rest of the post to see how she suggests implementing a "picky eater quaratine" of your very own at home.

My mom knew we'd eat it if we didn't have a choice, and, because she acted like a quarantine guard strict about it, we had our adequate intake of veggies, fruits, and all that other stuff kids hate.

Though, still to this day, I loathe brussels sprouts.

Are your kids picky eaters? How do you handle dinnertime in your home?

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