Raggedy Ann Themed Party Never Goes Out of Style

Raggedy Ann Party
Photo from One Charming Party
Growing up, my Raggedy Ann doll was my BFF. My red-haired friend was dragged along with me wherever I went. Poor thing was hardly recognizable by the time I turned five. So when I saw this Raggedy Ann-themed party created by the talented Brittany from One Charming Party, it tugged at my heart. 


Color scheme:
Brittany focused on having a red and aqua color scheme -- two colors that I think look fantastic together and happen to be extremely trendy right now. According to Brittany, color scheme is key, "I love Raggedy Ann, and I didn’t want to commercialize this party by throwing in too much cheesy stuff. I knew that color would be the most important feature instead, and necessary to tie the whole thing together. Remember: a great color palate is essential to every party for a cohesive feel."

If decorations can double as goodie duty, you can kill two birds with one stone. Brittany created this lollipop stand using a pattern she found in Martha Stewart Weddings and filled some pretty vases with red sour cherry balls. Simple, but oh so sweet.

Raggedy Ann Party
Photo from One Charming Party
Raggedy Ann Party
Photo from One Charming Party

Think back to what you did when you were a kid, before every toy required AA batteries. Remember when play dough, paper dolls, and puzzles rocked? Oh, I do. I can still taste the saltiness of homemade play dough.

Set up stations for the kids to enjoy these old-school activities. And it'll make the parents feel all warm and fuzzy inside with nostalia.

For food, again it's all about a simpler time: PB&J sandwiches. They're a classic, just like Raggedy Ann. And if you have room, all little girls love tea parties. Just be sure to have Raggedy Ann and Andy seated at the table.

Were you a fan of Raggedy Ann as a child?

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