Key Lime Pie: Cooking with Kids

I made that!
My girl and I decided to experiment with pie. I have a lot of weird restrictions about my pie, (no fruit unless it's citrus, for one) and cooking with a four-year-old adds a whole other level of challenges; so I finally settled on a Key Lime Pie for the grand experiment.


I found a relatively easy recipe on the Reluctant Gourmet, and as you can see in the photo, it turned out perfectly.

The secrets to making a great pie with a kid helper:

1) Don't go for a traditional homemade crust. Graham cracker is more fun, and takes a lot less effort and attention.

2) Give the kids small, but crucial jobs to keep them involved. I had my daughter wash the limes ahead of time, and start banging around on the graham crackers before they went into the food processor.

3) Pouring ingredients is the best use of the little ones when you're handling an electric mixer

There's no need to be intimidated by pie! Once you master meringue and a graham cracker crust, the possibilities are endless.

Yummmm, pie . . .


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