Friday's Happy Hour: The Classic Martini

Flickr photo by erin.kkr
One of my good friends' drink of choice is the classic martini. He's been drinking it for years and has become very particular about it. Obsessive, actually ... but don't tell him I said that.

After a decade of practice, he's come up with the perfect recipe for a classic martini:

  1. Put ice in a shaker and add a measure of dry vermouth.
  2. Shake the ice and vermouth for several seconds until shaker is very cold.
  3. Drain off excess vermouth (leaving the ice coated).
  4. Add 3 measures of gin and shake vigorously (however, I prefer vodka martinis ... we argue about this a lot. The war wages on.)
  5. Serve neat immediately with a lemon twist. The optimal martini temperature only lasts about 4 minutes.

The key is that you get the perfect amount of vermouth by coating the ice with it. He's going to kill me for telling his secret. Oops.

Happy Friday!

How do you like your martini?

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