Chocolate Bars: What If You Could Design Your Own ... You Can!

chocri chocolate bars

Thanks to Chocri -- a German chocolate maker that allows customers to design their own chocolate bars on its website -- I've gotten about zero work done today. Want to waste time, too? (Trust me, you do.) Here's how it works...


1. First, choose a "Chocolate Base":

My choice: White Chocolate

2. Then add toppings -- choose "Fruit Toppings":

I detest fruit and chocolate together, so I'm skipping to the next category. But feel free to choose from a variety of fruit including Sour Cherries, Goji Berries, and Fig Bits.

3. Choose "Spices":

Cayenne Pepper.

4. Choose "Nuts":

Toasted Hazelnuts.

5. Choose "Confections":

Cappuccino Chocolate Drops.

6. Choose "Decor":

Real Gold Flakes -- you know I'm classy.

7. Choose "Grains":

Salt Pretzels, because pretzels and chocolate is the best combination.

8. Name your chocolate bar:

Big Pimpin' Sugar 'n' Spice and All That's Nice Bar.

9. Now, add to cart:

Yikes! $11.30 for a 3.5 oz. bar. (Not including the opportunity cost of not working for the last 30 minutes.) Well, this is gourmet chocolate, after all.

Still reading? Why aren't you designing your own chocolate bar?

What would you name your perfect chocolate bar?

(Thanks to Craftzine for the tip.)


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