The $13 Cup of Coffee

Flickr photo by srslyguys
I've been reading about a coffee shop in Baltimore that is selling a cup of coffee for $13. For the life of me, I can't figure out which is more ridiculous: Charging $13 for a cup of joe, or the fact that I really, really want one! (Don't judge.)


What can I say? I'm a coffee-lover of the worst kind, and I'm absolutely dying to know what a $13 cup of coffee tastes like. In my mind, if you're paying that much for coffee, it should not only taste like rainbows and chocolate cake and red wine all rolled into one, but it should also be able to give you magical super powers and walk the dog. Anything less would be a scam.

(For the record, the coffee reportedly tastes "juicy, fruity, good mouth feel, medium bodied." No one has reported on developing magical super powers after drinking it.)

Would you ever in a million years pay $13 for coffee? What's the most you would ever pay?

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