Health Care Bill May Mark the End of My Chipotle Obsession

chipotle burrito
Flickr photo by compujeramey
The health care bill scares me, and not for the reasons you'd expect.

One aspect of the new legislation is that chain restaurants will be required to prominently display calorie counts and other nutrition information on menus and drive-throughs.

I just don't know if I can bear knowing just how many calories are in my beloved Chipotle burrito ...


I'm content with being blissfully ignorant about the amount of calories I'm ingesting during my all-too-frequent visits to the Mexican chain. If I really knew how many were packed in my football-sized burrito, would I cut down on my fast food consumption?

And therein lies exactly the point of the law: If Americans are informed about what is actually in the food they are eating, perhaps they will make healthier food choices, thereby improving their long-term health. In this way, this new health care bill may play an important role in making us healthier -- even if it means cutting back on some of our favorite treats.

In a perfect world, which chain restaurant would you prefer NOT display their calorie counts?

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