Host an Easter Brunch

easter brunch
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I'm taking the plunge and hosting Easter brunch at my apartment this year. I'm probably going to be kicking myself for it the day of, but until then, I'm having fun planning.

Thanks to blogland inspiration, advice from fellow entertaining-fanatic friends, and my idol Martha Stewart, I've come up with some ideas for hosting a very festive Easter brunch:


What to serve:

  • For drinks, traditional brunch drinks such as bellinis and mimosas are always crowd-pleasers, but not everyone likes to booze before noon ... crazy concept, I know. Offer lemonade or fresh squeezed orange juice as a non-alcoholic option.
  • Eggs are cheap and they're one of the main symbols for Easter. It's a win-win. But have you ever tried to make scrambled eggs for a room full of people? It's like racing against the clock to get them on the table (and get everyone to the table) before they get cold. This poached egg brioche recipe from Epicurious can be made in advance (cue heavenly music) and when you're ready, just pop it under the broiler for a few minutes.
  • Fruit salad: This year, I'm making a fruit salad with blackberry basil vinaigrette (recipe from Southern Living) for my Easter brunch. Yummy!
  • Fellow Stir blogger Kim swears by this donut muffin recipe
  • Bird's nest cookies from Martha Stewart are just too cute to pass up. And it gives us an excuse to munch on sweets (this is for all you brave folks who gave up chocolate for Lent).

Easy decorations:

  • You can show off the eggs that the kids decorated by scattering them around the table or, if they went crazy with the dyeing and you have enough, fill a clear bowl and use it as a centerpiece. They'll have fun pointing out which ones they made to the rest of the family.
  • Everyone loves candy, right? Fill clear vases with colorful jelly beans, pastel M&Ms, or chocolate eggs.
  • I'm not a fan of massive floral centerpieces. It makes it difficult to have conversations across the table. Instead, you can slip a single spring blossom like a tulip or a lily into each guests' napkin holder. Cute!

Are you planning on hosting an Easter brunch? Have any fun ideas or great recipes you'd like to share? I'd love any suggestions!

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