8 Food Trends We Wish Would Die a Slow, Painful Death

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You know a food trend is past its due when it stops being "trendy" and moves on to "tired." Not to sound melodramatic, but I want to hurl a plate at the next innocent server who suggests that I order one of the following eight items on our list:

  1. Comfort food: Given the current economy, it's no surprise that meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and fried chicken are popular items. And I'll be the first to admit that I love fried chicken as much as the next person -- probably even more so. But this trend is making it seriously difficult to stick to my healthy eating habits.
  2. Heart attack food combos: Foods such as the Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers and the French Fry Encased Hot Dog make me want to vomit. Who eats this stuff and lives to tell the tale?
  3. Bacon on everything: I admit the whole bacon + chocolate phenomenon made me drool, but bacon doesn't make everything better; it only makes you fatter. It's odd when I have to ask to "leave off the bacon" even if I'm ordering ice cream. Or steak. Or vegetables.
  4. Recession-friendly: But only because that would mean we're no longer in a recession. *Sigh.* I can hope, right?
  5. Fried foods: Maybe this goes along with the whole comfort food thing, but cardiologists have gotta be rolling in the dough thanks to our country's tendency to grease up any food they can get their porky hands on. Pretty soon we'll be frying up something as simple as a PB&J ... oh wait ... we already have.
  6. Mini foods: They're oh-so-cute to look at, but I feel like people are judging me as I pile four mini burgers on my plate (and let's be honest, anything less than that is just not filling).
  7. Macarons: These pretty little French confections are everywhere. They're threatening to overtake the cupcake, and I just cannot let that happen.
  8. Drinks ending in -tini: Chocolatinis, Flirtinis, Kiwitini. Just because a drink comes in one of those impossible-to-drink-out-of glasses, does not make it a martini. They're like the wimpy second cousin to the martini (twice removed).

What are some food trends you would like to see go out of style?


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