Teacher Eats School Lunch Every Day, Lives to Blog About It

school lunchMeatloaf, bread, fruit cup, "mystery" greens, milk.

Chili, carrots, fruit icee, day-glo colored cornbread muffin, milk.

These are just two of the many, many cafeteria school lunches an anonymous teacher, Mrs Q, is planning to eat every day this year. She's blogging about it on Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project. It's a like train wreck -- you don't want to read about the green beans in an unidentifiable "buttery" sauce, yet you can't look away...


Though, you've got to admire her courage. And, her iron stomach.

Plus, her motives are altruistic: She wants to educate people about what we are feeding our school children on a daily basis. This "insider" information is especially valuable now because Congress is reconsidering a re-authorization of the Child Nutrition Act, which means we have a rare opportunity to improve food for our kids.

After eating cafeteria food for three + months, here's what Mrs Q says about how she would like to see school lunches improved: "I want to see less processed foods, more variety, more fruit and vegetables, a salad bar in every school and explicit instructions on nutrition and cooking. Many kids just don't eat veggies because of lack of exposure."

And, I assume, removing the "mystery" from the greens!

Do you think you could eat cafeteria food every day for a year? Or does your stomach turn at the thought?

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