Best Easter Recipes on the Web

Photo from EyeCandy
Easter is coming! Easter is coming!

Which means I'm in a panic and have nothing in mind to cook, make or hide. Luckily my favorite food blogs have some amazing options. I'm going to try very hard to whip up all of these delicious Springtime recipes. Wish me luck!

  • Start your meal off right with these cream cheese muffins in parchment bunny cubes. Adorable, right? Eye candy suggests any muffin can be made in these cubes but cream cheese sounds perfect for a Sunday morning.
  • For the main course, I've gotta' go with Martha and her glazed ham with apricot mustard sauce recipe. Fifteen minutes of prep time? Sweet.
  • The Saucy Apron has a plethora of fantastic salad ideas. I'm going with the peas, bacon bits and crumbled hard boiled egg for Easter.
  • I'm in full agreement with The Naptime Chef's dessert philosophy: "Since a young age I have been a firm believer that the end goal of every meal is dessert." Her Easter cake recipe is a perfect, easy way to wow your Easter guests after they've been stuffed with muffins, ham and pea salad. Mmmm, whipped cream icing.

Happy Easter eating everyone!

What's on your menu?

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