Parmesan Cheese Rinds: Don't Throw Them Away!

parmesan cheese rindsParmesan cheese is in the spotlight this week on The Stir. Today we're talking about the very best part of Parmesan cheese -- the rind!


If up until now you've been disposing of the Parmesan butts after grating off all the cheese, you've been sorely missing out of all this cheese has to offer. The rind can be used to flavor stocks, soups, beans, rice, boiled potatoes, and pasta, giving said dishes a rich, salty, savory flavor. Just throw it in while the liquid is simmering and don't forget to take it out before serving!

I always freeze my rinds and then add them to simmering tomato sauce -- heavenly.

And according to Cook Think, you can even make a Parmesan stock by simmering rinds in water and straining at the end.

What a beautiful way to use all parts of the cheese!

How do you use Parmesan cheese rinds?


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