In the Kitchen With: Jayme of Delectable Deliciousness

| Mar 18, 2010 Food & Party

  • The Family


    Jayme's daughter and son.

    I'm a busy working mom with two lively children. My daughter is 7, and my son is 4. We're a very close family, and if you were a fly on the wall in our home, you might think we were all kids. We're all quite goofy (grown-ups included!) and do weird things like spontaneously burst into song or throw cold water on each other while in the shower. Of course, when we have guests, we do try to behave in a much more civilized manner.


  • The Blog


    Delectable Deliciousness is where I post the yummy things I make. I'm not sure if I have a cooking style per se, but I definitely love to bake desserts more than savory dishes. When it comes to meals, I prefer to keep things simple, as I usually don't have a lot of time (or energy!) in the evening to prepare anything elaborate. I love a great, simple meal that has a lot of flavor.

  • The Kitchen


    Jayme's favorite little spot in the kitchen.

    My kitchen is the smallest kitchen I've ever had. In fact, I almost ruled out this house because of how nonexistent the counter space is. The rest of the house had so much to offer that I decided I would somehow manage and so far, that is what I've been doing. We're only renting, so major renovations are certainly out, but I have a small fold out table I sometimes bring in while working on big projects and have also used the dining room table for more space when I've needed it.


  • The Kitchen


    Espresso machine on a precious bit of counter space.

    This is my only bit of counter space. The espresso machine won some precious real estate by being homed here, but there really wasn't anywhere else to put it! It does get used daily, so it's spot is well deserved.

  • The Kitchen


    Kitchen window.

    I someday hope to add a small kitchen island or butcher block in front of the window but because of the odd space and layout, it can't be too big.

  • The Kitchen


    The door next to the fridge leads to a small laundry room.

    One thing I do love about the kitchen is the color scheme; when we first moved in, the paint was an awful greenish-brown color that is used throughout the house. For some reason, it looked the worst in the kitchen and I decided the weekend we moved in that it had to be painted. The colors I chose were lifted directly from a home decorating magazine page that I had saved for the past six years! I still need to finish the rest of the trim but other than that it's almost exactly what I had hoped for.

  • The Kitchen


    Pot rack.

    Wouldn't be able to manage without this pot rack! There is simply no where else to store pots and pans in this kitchen.

  • The Kitchen


    French door in the kitchen.

    I love the French door in this kitchen. It's great for blocking out noise and looks pretty while doing it.

  • The Kitchen


    Kitchen pantry.

    This odd little enclave by the back door functions as our pantry area and also houses the microwave.

  • Traditions


    Dining table.

    As a family, we don't really have any food-related rituals, though we do try to sit together at the table and eat dinner most nights. It's really wonderful to have a dining room and a big enough table for all of us. For a long time, we didn't even own a dining room table! 

  • The Food


    Chocolate cake from Delectable Deliciousness.

    If I had to pick something I make better than anyone else, I'd have to go with either cake or chocolate chip cookies. I've finally found my end-all be-all recipe for chocolate chip cookies and they are spectacular! As for cakes, I got my start early back when I was 9 or 10 when my mom would let me bake one cake from a boxed mix every weekend. Eventually I ventured on my own into scratch recipes and haven't looked back since.

    This chocolate cake I made recently was by far the best cake I've ever made

  • The Food


    Coconut chocolate bread from Delectable Deliciousness.

    My current food related indulgence would be coconut chocolate no-knead bread. I've been making it almost constantly and have no shame in eating it for breakfast, after lunch, or for a late night snack. I can't get enough. 

  • The Food


    Birthday cake Jayme made for her son.

    My cooking has changed quite a bit since I had my children. We are pescetarian which means no meat, but we do eat fish, dairy, and eggs. I try not to feed them processed foods but it can be challenging with my picky eaters. My son practically lives off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches right now, but my daughter is starting to become more adventurous in her tastes. I try to keep things healthy and simple while giving them the option of new and different things. 


  • The Favorites


    Fourth of July cake from Delectable Deliciousness.

    My favorite food blogs include some of the big ones: Pioneer Woman, Cannelle et Vanille, Smitten Kitchen, Tartelette, and Orangette. But I've also come across some new (to me) food blogs that I'm really excited about which include Fresh 365, Roost, Sprouted Kitchen, and Kiss My Spatula. My ultimate fave would have to go to Luxirare. The things she comes up with are incredible -- food couture!

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