Customized Frappaccinos at Starbucks (It's About Time!)

customized frappacinos at starbucks

Photo from Starbucks

Finally! Starbucks will allow customers to design their own frappaccinos beginning in May. The new "however you want it" blended ice drinks can be ordered with soy milk instead of dairy, decaf instead of caffeinated, and so on.

I would pause to ask, "What the heck took them so long?" but I'm too busy preparing a spreadsheet to track all the customized frappaccino combinations I plan on ordering...


Starbucks is hoping that custom-made frappaccinos will boost sales in the summer -- a season that is usually slow for the coffee chain given that this is when customers cut down on hot beverages.

My only worry? Frappacccinos already take FOREVER to make; I can only imagine how much longer personalized frappacinos will take to whip up.

Still, I'm looking forward to May when I can order a Tall Nonfat Decaf Mocha Frappaccino with half the usual amount of whipped cream and extra chocolate syrup. (The baristas are going to love me.)

How would you personalize your frappaccino?

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