Jamie Oliver's Favorite Boy Baby Name Is...

You've probably heard by now that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's wife, Jools, is pregnant with his fourth child. But have you heard what he wants to name the baby?


According to the Daily Star, Oliver wants to have a boy and would like to name him "Thorn." He and his wife already have three daughters -- all named after flowers (Poppy, Daisy, and Petal) -- so "Thorn" is simply following through on their family tradition.

Says Oliver: "It could be a boy this time. You would want to go out with someone called Thorn...You'd want to be his friend. When he gets his first date it'll be like: ‘Show us your thorn, Thorn!'"

(Either British humor is way over my head, or that's a creepy comment to make about your unborn son.)

Nevertheless, I think I like the name Thorn for a boy, do you?

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