Alice in Wonderland-Themed Party

Alice in Wonderland

Photo from Disney

A dabble of a hurried white rabbit, maybe a sprinkle of an angry deck of cards, and throw in an insane little man and you've got the recipe for a fantastic Alice in Wonderland-themed birthday party. Both the new film and classic Disney cartoon are chock full of inspiration to help you create a whimsical Wonderland of your own.


Time to fall down the rabbit hole: Set the tone for guests by creating invitations made out of playing cards. Just print out labels with the party info on it (adorning as desired) and stick onto the cards. Or, if you don't have a lot of time, you can also create paper invitations using Alice in Wonderland-themed images from The Long Thread. Download the images to your desktop and then use a free photo-editing website (I enjoy Picnik) to input the info. I created the one below and it literally took me five minutes. Print out on cardstock and send to friends.


For decorations, just think of what it would look like if a rainbow exploded all over your backyard. Color, color, color! The more color the better. I'm loving this table setting from the ladies at Lollipop Events and Design. Though I'm not even going to try to pretend I'm talented enough to pull this off, it does make for good inspiration.

To make your table look as if the Mad Hatter himself was hosting, check out your local thrift shop for mismatched vintage cups and plates. If it's for an older child's birthday and you aren't running the risk of overly rambunctious kids, stack teacups for a unique centerpiece.

For the whimsical chair covers, Lollipop Events used aprons, which they gave as guest gifts afterwards.

Donna from Party Wishes also put on a pretty impressive Alice in Wonderland party. She brought the croquet scene to life, making 4' croquet wickets from 1/4" plywood, supported by  1X1" pieces of wood with rebar drilled into the bottoms and painted on both sides.

Again, I'm definitely not artistic, nor handy enough to attempt this. For a simpler route, you can take large pieces of cardboard and paint them to look like cards, cutting a whole in the center for the ball hedgehog to go through, then stake them into the ground.

alice in wonderland theme party

Photo by Party Wishes

You can also add to the Wonderland enchantment by sporadically placing flamingoes around the yard (those tacky lawn flamingoes finally serve a purpose!), hanging colorful paper lanterns, making pictures in the house lopsided or upside down, and placing paper flowers in bushes (half red, half white...we're painting the roses red, people).

Now, for the activities. Ask any parent and they will probably say the hardest thing about hosting a kid's party is trying to keep them entertained, but with this theme, there are tons of things you can do:


  • Have the kids decorate their own teacups or hats (doubles as a party favor)
  • Play "Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat"
  • "I'm late!" potato sack race
  • Play a giant game of chess (the set shown is $38.98 from Amazon)
  • Colorful bubbles
  • Character costume contest


For food and beverages, it's best just to stick with simple nibbles:

  • Cookies shaped as hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds
  • Bread and butter(flies)
  • Tea sandwiches
  • Label foods and juice bottles with "Eat Me" or "Drink Me" tags
  • For the (un)birthday cake, color is the most important element, but if you can mimic topsy-turvy one that was at the Mad Hatter's tea party, like the one below, that's a bonus. If you want to give it a whirl, I found YouTube video that shows how to make your own topsy-turvy cake

Now, everyone do the Futterwacken!

What are your ideas for an Alice in Wonderland-themed party?

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