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    I'm beginning to think the Real Housewives franchise should be re-named Cast vs. Producers. You know, like those video games our kids play -- Plants vs. Zombies or Monsters vs. Aliens. Yes, I know that one's a movie. BUT. Last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County, newbie cast member Lizzie Rovsek had a terrible, terrible birthday. And it was all Tamra Judge's fault. Or was it? In today's exclusive episode, I've got all the dish, plus new developments with Apollo NidaPhaedra Parks, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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    It's official, Andi Dorfman is engaged to Josh Murray, and she is The Bachelorette no more. And while the couple was clearly rejoicing in their now public engagement, one person was still majorly confused about how it all went down. Nick Viall, Andi's runner-up, was unceremoniously dumped on last night's episode and got absolutely zero answers as to why. But his latest message to Andi and Josh has come from way out of left field (too soon for baseball references?).

    Immediately after the After the Final Rose segment aired, where Nick finally got to confront Andi and even expose their, ahem, sexual activities, he sent a very interesting note to the couple. Take a look:

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    While we impatiently tap our feet waiting for season 5 of The Walking Dead to get underway (and obsessively re-watch the trailer in order to try and figure out why that one melty zombie is so incredibly disgusting-looking), here's something to ponder: did Daryl have a romantic attraction to Beth last season? Or was it more of a brother/sisterly vibe?

    Actor Norman Reedus addressed this much-debated topic at Comic-Con last week, and while he didn't come right out and definitively put the matter to rest one way or another, his comments were VERY interesting. In fact, I'd go so far as to say anyone hoping for a Daryl/Beth hookup will be pleased by what Reedus had to say.

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    Natalia, aka Nina, star of Ora.TV’s new show Be Here Nowish -- a new comedy about two sexually progressive New York gals who ditch their down-and-out lives for LA in search of a spiritual awakening -- dishes on five things the spiritually adventurous should try, if you aren’t afraid.

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    Sons of Anarchy gets snubbed at the Emmys every year, but even if the seventh and final season receives zero nominations for best series, acting, or writing, I hope someone creates a brand-new category called "weirdest casting" so SoA can finally take home an award. If I were given unlimited time, access to IMDB.com, and a case of 5-Hour Energy, I couldn't have possibly come up with the names associated with the show lately, which have included Courtney Love (what?), Marilyn Manson (whaaaaaaat?), and now Lea Michele (okay, they're messing with us, right?).

    Lea Michele seems like a particularly eyebrow-raising choice, and it's not clear why the news didn't go public at Comic-Con last week, but Michele herself tweeted the announcement yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure what's more surprising, the character she'll be playing -- or the way she described the show.

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    This week on The Real Housewives of Orange Country, a huge mistake was made. Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow decided that the gang should all take a "girls' trip" to Bali. After talking to Vicki Gunvalson, they decided to include Shannon Beador after a quick drink to make sure everyone is cool. Shannon grinned, drank her vodka, and said she'd love to go. You guys, this could not be more of a potential disaster. Could no one else hear the figurative thunderclaps or Satan chuckling darkly from the pit of hell-fire in which he resides? 

    Before there's any confusion -- I am staunchly team Shannon. I think she is being made a victim of gas-lighting and that Tamra Judge should be strung up (or, at the very least, called out) for the mind games she is playing this season. The only person who has even dared? Lizzie Rovsek! And Tamra isn't even remotely afraid of her. 

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    Well? After watching The Bachelorette finale tonight, I honestly can't decide if I'm really glad this season is finally over, or bummed out that we'll have to wait a few months before The Bachelor kicks off. (Duh. We have Bachelor in Paradise to look forward to. Who cares?) But seriously, now that we know who Andi Dorfman picked as her final dude, it is kind of a buzz kill not to be able to speculate anymore.

    And while this season could've gone either way as far as her choosing Nick Viall or Josh Murray, she does seem over-the-moon about the man she plans on spending the rest of her life with.

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    Tamra Barney Judge might soon find herself as a Real Divorced Housewife of Orange County once again with the way things are going for her lately. There’s new speculation that the reality star’s husband Eddie Judge is so fed up with his wife’s over-the-top drama and antics that he could be ready to pull the plug on their marriage soon.

    I know what you're thinking: Did he not watch the show before he said "I do" to her? Things have reportedly gotten so bad recently, however, that Eddie has even refused to stand up for his wife in front of the other Housewives when she apparently needed him the most.

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    If I were Dina Manzo, I'd be screaming bloody murder this week. Why? Did you catch what the editors of The Real Housewives of New Jersey did to her this week? It's pretty shocking, and in today's new episode below, I break it all down for you. Also, we've got an extra night of Kim Zolciak's Don't Be Tardy, as well as Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Botched. There's a theme with ALL four shows -- how well do they integrate engineered scenes with genuine reality? Which are the most real? The least? Watch below and I'll give you MY opinion!

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    Yes! We officially have just a few more hours until the season finale of The Bachelorette, and then we'll finally know whether Andi Dorfman picks Josh Murray or Nick Viall to spend the rest of her life with.

    And while most people have their favorite between the two, it's not like she can really go wrong with either of these dudes -- at least as far as the eye candy factor is concerned. Both of them shared sexy shirtless photos last week, almost as if they're in some sort of a battle of the abs or whatever.

    And if we couldn't declare a winner as to who was hotter at that point, we most definitely have our answer now.

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