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    We've reached the most bittersweet moment in reality television: the season finale of Teen Mom 2. While the show did get renewed for a whopping sixth season (OMG, yay!), it's time to bid adieu to the ladies for now. And lucky for us, they're not going out quietly.

    Ever since she got pregnant with Kaiser, Jenelle Evans has been doing better and better. She's sober, more calm, and has begun to once again parent Jace. So it's finally time to have the much dreaded conversation with Barbara. Girl is eager to regain custody over her first son. Sadly, though, as we learned on tonight's episode, it won't be easy.

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    There is a good reason that The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the highest rated in the Bravo franchise. Those women are wild. It goes way beyond Teresa Giudice's infamous table flipping or Sonja Morgan's loony sexcapades. The southern belles are vicious with a capital "V" and we love watching every minute of it. The trailer for the new season, which kicks off November 9, promises even more devilish drama. Check it out.

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    If you are in the mood for a scare right now, or at least to be very, very creeped out, congratulations! You're doing the right thing by watching the newest trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show. If you've ever wanted to see Sarah Paulson as conjoined twins or an absolutely terrifying clown, you're in luck! This is the trailer for you.

    As most of you know, an entire season of AHS is basically a "miniseries," with a new beginning, middle, and end for every season. Well, okay, okay, Naomi Grossman is coming back as her American Horror Story: Asylum character Pepper, which represents the first time that a character has crossed over between seasons.

    Though many argued that American Horror Story: Coven didn't live up to previous seasons' standards, this one is pulling out all the stops to really, truly, surely freak you out.

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    There are only 12 days left until the Walking Dead season 5 premiere airs, so it seems like a good time to sift through the very latest hints and teases, doesn’t it? I’ve got a pretty good roundup today, which includes a quote from the show runner on whether or not those Terminus folks really are cannibals, a MAJOR clue about how the survivors will escape the boxcar, and a familiar “trusted partner” that we won’t be seeing anymore in the new season.

    Want your Walking Dead viewing experience to remain pure as the driven snow? Read no farther, my spoiler-avoiding friend. Otherwise, let’s review some of the juicy tidbits released by the cast and crew in recent days.

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    If I were having coffee with some fellow moms and our conversation drifted to what we really wanted for Mother’s Day, I bet there would be a lot of laughter and interruptions as we started shouting out our goofy fantasies: “Shirtless Benedict Cumberbatch vacuuming the living room! Miracle yoga pants that make our butts look like two perky grapefruits bouncing on a trampoline! A weekend getaway to a sensory deprivation chamber filled with crème brûlée!” But would we want those admittedly stereotypical responses shared on a television program? No. Which is why I feel conflicted about the controversy that’s sprung up from a "What Woman Want" category that was featured on Monday's Jeopardy! program.

    On the one hand, this is 2014, and women want things like gender equality, reproductive rights, and freedom from sexual harassment and violence. On the other hand ... well, we also want someone to unload the dishwasher every now and then.

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    If the last season of The Real Housewives of New York left you less than impressed, get ready to get addicted once again. One of the original, catty divas is returning to the show. Bethenny Frankel will rejoin the snarky, backstabbing bitch-fest. Surprised? You shouldn't be. There is a good reason the show's breakout star needs to get back in the fray.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, let's give it up for Miss Amy "Awesome" Johnson. Not only did she keep her head, her cool, and her adult sense in place when dealing with the illogical and mildly crazed Kat, but she proved that you don't have to play dirty to get revenge. Sometimes all you have to do is get dirty. With a hottie. In a hot tub. HIGH FIVE, Girl! Amy and Logan, the new deck hand from Oklahoma? They are heating things up, leaving Kat out in the cold, which, I'll be real, she totally deserves.

    Boats are small. Even big ones are still, you know, boat sized. You can only run into so many new people before you've met everyone there is to meet. Logan injected some much needed newness (and hotness) onto Ohana, and all the ladies (minus Kate, who thought he was gay) wanted in on that action. But it was Amy who found herself enjoying a tame but cute hot tub session with the dude, proving that manners and basic decency always triumph in the end. 

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    The wedding is coming on fast for 19 Kids & Counting star Jill Duggar and her fiance Derick Dillard. Jill is a woman with a vision, and that vision is shabby chic -- this will apply even to the bridesmaid dresses her sisters don AND the hairstyles they all select. Jill might know what she wants, but does that make her a bridezilla? Her sisters answer that question with a resounding N to the O. 

    I gotta say, I'm a pretty laid-back person. But I will totally admit that if I ever get married (say a prayer to the furry Buddha I worship that this will not be the case, can't tie this Becca down) that I will certainly get frantic and worried and probably cry about stuff like the color of chair covers. Jill is planning a wedding larger than any event I have ever attended (unless you count that dream I once had where I went to the Oscars). But Jill? She is as cool as the proverbial cucumber. 

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    I can’t even. Juan Pablo has once again disrespected Nikki Ferrell by sharing a totally inappropriate photo of his ex Carla Rodriguez on his Instagram account. And what’s worse is that he’s justifying the photo by saying he’s doing it for the good of his daughter, Camilla.

    [Insert eyeroll here ...]

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    OMG. How awesome was movie night on Dancing With the Stars? It was so much fun to see a bit more acting thrown in with the performances, especially from scenes we all know and recognize.

    There were so many awesome dances, it's tough to pick a favorite, but my vote goes for either Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas' Up recreation, or Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson's Austin Powers routine. (Ahhh! How adorable was his mini me? Love it!)

    And Lea Thompson and Artem Chigvintsev's trip Back to the Future tugged at our heartstrings for sure. (OMG. Lorraine McFly. The one and only.)

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