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    Former stars of The Hills Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt -- aka "Speidi" -- are about as has-been as you can get. And believe it or not, the married couple, notorious for their fame-mongering ways, do know that! The one-time reality stars appeared on Bethenny yesterday to reflect on their time in the spotlight and held nothing back.

    After admitting so much of the show was scripted or altogether fake, they openly discussed the extremes that they were asked to go to in the name of ratings and fame.

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    I don't know what it is, but it seems like every few months, a star from MTV's The Hills comes out of the woodwork to reveal a surprising secret about the show. I know I personally was horrified when Kristin Cavallari dished about the fake relationships she had on camera.

    But now thanks to Lo Bosworth, there's a new secret out. A juicier one. A little piece of information that explains a hell of a lot.

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    OMG. I've been outsmarted by Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, and now I can just give back my degrees and call this thing called life quits. It all started when I became abnormally excited after hearing that the off-their-rockers duo -- formally and obnoxiously known as Speidi -- were launching a new web series called SpeidiShow. Let me make this clear: I can't ordinarily stomach this couple and am still waiting for the day when too-classy Lauren Conrad gives her former The Hills costars their comeuppance.

    But that's totally not the point. 

    Speidi's web series sounded nothing short of a-maaazing. In one episode, Spencer and Heidi give real-life couples love advice. In another, they travel Europe with no money. In the one that excited me more than the birth of my second child, they cater a wedding.

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    You know who's got no leg to stand on when talking about how reality stars became famous? Spencer Pratt. Yeah. Remember him? He was that flesh-bearded asshole on MTV's The Hills who married Heidi Montag and stood idly by while she changed her entire face and body to become "more sexy." OK, so -- Spencer is calling Kim Kardashian the "world's most famous porn star" and says she'd be nowhere without that sex tape.

    First of all: uh duh, everyone knows that. He doesn't think he came up with that, does he? Second of all, why the hell did Spencer Pratt get an interview, and third of all ... Let's review how Spencer became famous, shall we?

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    All right team, Stefanie's covering today's episode of The Daily Stir and she's gushing about a jaw-dropping Bachelor rebound romance that has everyone's tongues wagging. Not to be outdone, there is Whitney Port's shocking confession about The Hills and Miley Cyrus' revealing wardrobe on Jay Leno, to boot. Take it away, Stefanie!

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    As news broke Monday that Conrad Murray had been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the role he played in the death of Michael Jackson, to whom, a jury concluded, he had given the drug that killed him, the thought occurred to me that Murray, very sadly, wasn't really one of a kind. He was merely the latest in a long line of infamous celebrity enablers, lining their own pockets and raising their own profiles by preying on the weaknesses and insecurities of the rich and famous.Here are a few other notorious examples:

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    Let's face it, Kristin Cavallari practically wrote the book of love. And she definitely lived out every break-up victim's dream when she made her ex-fiance eat his heart out after he called off their engagement. She's been giving hope to broken-hearted single girls everywhere.

    Ever since her debut on Dancing With the Stars, Cavallari has made a new name for herself. With her sequined outfits and sexy cha-cha, she's been turning heads like never before. No longer is she known as Jay Cutler's ex-fiance, she's, like, so over that. Or so I thought ...

    Shockingly, the reality diva has made the biggest break-up mistake ever and we're starting to realize she might not be as smart in the relationship department as we once thought.

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    If you find yourself endlessly stalking your ex-boyfriend's Facebook page while listening to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" on repeat, you might be suffering from post-traumatic break-up syndrome.

    This tragic (sometimes incurable) syndrome is when women are dumped and left with nothing but an empty container of Ben & Jerry's and a box of Kleenex. Well, good news, ladies. Thanks to Kristin Cavallari and her public split from Jay Culter, you can say sayonara to your sweatpants and Friday nights of watching Titanic alone. The newly single reality star has recently been seen getting cozy with her Dancing With the Stars partner Mark Ballas and we're beginning to think she knows how to play this love game all too well ...

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    Audrina Patridge, one of the last of The Hills ladies to be sticking around on reality TV, has declared that her VH1 show, Audrina, won't be back for a second season. Apparently, it's not because her show totally tanked. (I mean, let;'s be real, did anyone really watch it? I never heard any water cooler talk about the show, sorry.) But she's done, because, "We finished in April and I kind of decided I wanted to take some time off from reality. I want to do something more like acting or hosting.”

    Ah-ha! Of cooooooourse that's what she wants to do. That's what all the Laguna Beach/Hills alumnas seem to have aspired to do, and none of them to much success. (Heidi Montag to the LEAST success, as we ALL know too well.) But you know, maybe that was, at least in part, no fault of theirs. Maybe it had everything to do with timing! And Audrina's could be perfect.

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    Eat your heart out, Jay Cutler. His former fiance Kristin Cavallari -- you know, the gorgeous one he DUMPED -- has just gone and done the coolest thing by agreeing to attend a military ball with a U.S. Marine. We don't see anyone tweeting Cutler and inviting HIM to any military balls lately, now do we? And judging from the picture going around, the marine in question is super cute. And I have no doubt that he could kick Jay's pampered pretty boy ass no problem, too. Maybe.

    It's great that Cavallari is back in circulation again so soon after her breakup with the Chicago Bears' quarterback. A U.S. Marine named Jonathan Burket extended an invitation to Cavallari on Twitter, and it's got to be the sweetest, most sincere exchange of all the military ball invitiations (and there are a lot) out there.

    Here's how the operation went down:

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