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    Okay, Bachelor Nation, let's not beat around the bush! Going into the overnights in the Dominican Republic, it was pretty clear who was going to have to go and who was going to stay, right? This whole season, Andi Dorfman has clearly had at the very least serious physical -- and mental, so she says -- chemistry with Chicago salesman Nick Viall. She's also admitted that former pro baseball player Josh Murray is 100 percent her type -- and an Atlanta boy to boot. But her third remaining pick, salt-of-the-earth farmer Chris Soules? Ehhh, come on.

    Did anyone actually believe Andi was going to drop everything in Hotlanta and move to Iowa to be a "homemaker"? No way! And her moves this week only served to confirm what we already knew ... 

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    As this season of The Bachelorette comes to a close, there is a trail of broken hearts left in Andi Dorfman's wake. Among the most recent, of course, is Marcus Grodd. He was booted after the hometown dates. Now that he's off the show, he has been speaking about his time with Andi, and his feelings about the reality star are quite shocking.

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    Now a wife to Stephen Stagliano and mama to 6-month-old baby girl Addison, DeAnna Pappas has moved on in a big way since being The Bachelorette in the franchise's fourth season. Nonetheless, she still looks every bit a star!

    DeAnna took to Instagram recently to share a makeup-free selfie of herself with her daughter, and she couldn't have looked more radiant. Check it out ... 

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    Someone has been keeping a big surprise under wraps. I can't believe it -- Emily Maynard is welcoming a new member to the family already! She just married Tyler Johnson last month, but over the weekend, she made this exciting announcement via Instagram: "Meet the newest addition to our family ..." Going by the photo, the new family member is adorable, with the palest, most angelic hair. The family member's name is BRILLIANT. And I'll give you another hint: In case you're wondering, this family member was adopted. Are you ready? Okay.

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    Bachelorette finalist Marcus Grodd may seem like the perfect man ... but take away his chiseled abs, endearing personality, and insanely good looks, and what do you have? Jail time for two misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance. Yowza.

    This actually happened back in 2010 and his slate has been wiped completely clean since then. But still, kind of unexpected coming from a man who says I love you on the first date and gets engaged within weeks of meeting someone. But I'm not going to hate on him for his past because, hello ... we all make mistakes and clearly he's learned from his. But get a load of his mugshot:

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    Well, that didn't take long. Andi Dorfman just visited the hometowns of her final four suitors on The Bachelorette, and the season is quickly coming to an end. So naturally, a few of her rejects have earned themselves a spot on the franchise's latest spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise. And even better, one of Andi's gentlemen is rumored to be engaged!

    That's right. Just a few months after uttering "I love you"s to Andi, Marcus Grodd has gotten down on one knee at the BiP finale and has walked away with a fiancee. 

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    We just saw Andi Dorfman visit the hometowns of her lucky final four guys on last night's Bachelorette, but it seems like there is one very particular front runner who's claimed Andi's heart. At least according to the Bachelorette's Instagram page.

    Andi's never been too shy about posting behind the scenes pictures of her dates while filming, but the latest one seems so much more than just a date. Especially when you read what she has to say about the moment. Check it out for yourself:

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    Tonight's episode of The Bachelorette was way more tear-jerking than I ever anticipated. As if the hometown dates weren't enough to digest, with Andi finally meeting the families of Nick, Chris, Josh, and Marcus -- Chris Harrison breaking the news to the cast about the untimely death of Eric Hill was an emotional roller coaster.

    Months after the fact, it's hard to watch the footage and see Andi deal with the grief that she has over her last head-butting interactions with Hill. And while my heart breaks for his family all over again, I can't even imagine how Andi must've felt after hearing the news, trying to figure out what (well, who) her heart really wants while dealing with that burden of their final words.

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    Generally speaking, the sidelines of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette aren't exactly an ideal breeding ground for long-lasting friendships. But Andi Dorfman and Nikki Ferrell, well, they broke the mold. Back during Juan Pablo's season when we met the two beauties, Nikki ended up with JP (it's rumored a wedding is on the horizon) and Andi, well, she had a public feud with him that eventually turned out into her being the next bachelorette. Fans watched as Nikki and Andi constantly proclaimed their adoration for each other all over social media, and then suddenly when Andi's season began, there was radio silence. Nothing.

    We wondered: What, are they donezo? Do they hate each other because Andi thinks Nikki's man is a skeezeball? Why was it that Nikki wasn't there for that man ogling earlier this season?

    Well Andi took to Instagram to set the record straight on their "broken" friendship just the other day, revealing how things are with her and Nikki to this day. Check it out, here:

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    Good thing Andi Dorfman is starring on The Bachelorette "for the right reasons," because she certainly isn't getting paid very much to do it. In fact, it seems that the Georgia lawyer is one of the lowest paid in recent years. And the disparity is HUGE. We are not talking about a few thousand dollars here, but hundreds of thousands of dollars less than those that came before her.

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