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    Well? In what has to be the worst kept secret in reality TV, Chris Soules was announced as The Bachelor this morning on Good Morning America, which came as a surprise to exactly no one.

    Aside from Arie Luyendyk, Jr. outing Chris as ABC's new leading man yesterday, we've known for weeks that he landed the gig, thanks to Reality Steve.

    And while there are definitely mixed reactions from fans as to how Chris will fare in the driver's seat, he very well could wind up making Bachelor history, regardless of what other people think of him.

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    Uhhhhh ... yeah. To say things were a bit dramatic tonight on Bachelor in Paradise is definitely a huge understatement. Um, what the heck was up with all the intense feelings and serious relationship talk?

    From Marcus Grodd freaking out over Lacy Faddoul puking and having to go to the hospital to Clare Crawley quitting the show because of Zack Kalter clearly not being able to give her the love she wants and deserves, emotions were definitely running high tonight, to say the least.

    And then there were Michelle Money and Cody Sattler getting fake married on the beach. It was totally cute and so epic even though she wasn't exactly into it. (OMG. I love them. They need to get married for reals.)

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    We've been waiting for the official announcement of the next Bachelor for the past several weeks, and it looks like one of the front runners has officially revealed ABC's final pick. Since competing on Emily Maynard's season, race car driver/professional kisser Arie Luyendyk Jr. has been a fan favorite, so it was no surprise that Bachelor nation backed him as the next main man. But in a not-so-subtle tweet, Arie revealed that the network has gone with good guy farmer Chris Soules as the next Bachelor.

    That's right. In a backhanded tweet, Arie has officially made his peace with not being chosen. And he's not bitter at all, I swear:

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    Good GAWD. It might have taken a few weeks to really get going, but Bachelor in Paradise is seriously the best thing to come out of reality television in a long time.

    Tonight's episode had plenty of "Are you freakin' kidding me?" moments worth noting, including Kalon McMahon falling in love with himself all over again. But by far, the most dramatic part of the show was when, during a "private" conversation with Zack, AshLee Frazier called Clare Crawley out for "fu&%ing" Juan Pablo Galavis in the ocean.

    OMG. And then she went and yawned while saying, "I'm surprised there's not a camera on us" -- and I seriously almost got off the couch and cheered.

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    Well? If you've somehow managed to avoid reading any Bachelor in Paradise spoilers up until now, that's about to change. Clare Crawley totally ruined all the suspense with one single photo on Instagram.

    Ok, so it's not the picture itself that pretty much gives away whether or not she winds up winning the whole deal, but the caption she chose to post along with the shot says it all.

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    Chris Bukowski might be one of the biggest players that The Bachelor franchise has ever seen, but it looks like he might be changing his ways when it comes to the way he's treating his women.

    The Chicago native recently dished on what happened during his overnight date with Bachelor in Paradise star, Elise Mosca -- and it's definitely not what you would expect to hear him say.

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    It looks like Nikki Ferrell has been settling into a pretty regular life with boo Juan Pablo Galavis after their Bachelor season. But judging from her latest Instagram picture, it looks like she's had just a little bit too much fun, because girl is looking very "criminal" in her "mugshot."

    Seriously, check out the photo below and tell me she's not looking a little scandalous:

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    Just when you thought The Bachelor couldn’t get any more dramatic, this right here brings crazy reality television antics to a whole new level.

    Apparently, Bachelor in Paradise contestant AshLee Frazier gets so love sick for Graham Bunn that she ends up in the hospital ... at least that’s what the show’s producers want us to believe.

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    Welcome back to Bachelor in Paradise, which, in only its third episode of the season, is still managing to cause its contestants to fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat. Exclusive couples are pairing off faster than you can do a shot of tequila! At this point, it seems like absolutely nothing will get between Zack Kalter and Clare CrawleyMarcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, and AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn (whether he likes it or not!). Still, that leaves a whole bunch of lonely hearts ... Loneliest of all, or at least most vocal about her loneliness?

    Michelle Money, of course, who appeared to get over her briefly lived feelings for Marquel Martin and opted to target Robert Graham tonight. Too bad Robert's already visibly into Sarah Herron! But that didn't stop Michelle from making her move, planning a surprise double date with Clare. Ultimately, her efforts were for naught, though ...

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    Unless you've been living under a rock these days, I'm sure you've seen the numerous reports saying Chris Soules is the next Bachelor, even though ABC hasn't come out and announced anything yet.

    And while Chris is a great man who is easy on the eyes and definitely seems like he wants to find a wife, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little (ok a lot) disappointed that Arie Luyendyk, Jr. didn't get the job.

    OMG. No offense to ABC, but how in the hell could they be so dumb as to pass up casting Arie as The Bachelor? His season would've been AMAZING, and he would've breathed new life into the show that's been missing for quite some time.

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