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    Imagine you're a onetime football player turned actor and you land a part on one of the hottest shows on television -- The Walking Dead, naturally. It also happens to be one of the most well-managed shows in terms of releasing information to its eager fans, and the cast has been well-schooled in the art of teasing. You, however, come barreling right out of the gate by tweeting two major spoilers.

    That's pretty much what happened to former UGA football player Chase Vasser, who seemed a little overcome with excitement when he learned he nailed the part. Luckily, he didn't give away anything TOO major with his Twitter faux pas, but I'm guessing he got a stern talking to from AMC about when and how to share behind-the-scenes Walking Dead details.

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    If you watched the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead, you know we were left with some pretty big questions that won't be answered until the show comes back in October. Certain survivors were unaccounted for, while others were locked up at a mysterious place called Terminus. It's safe to say Rick and the gang's situation can be filed under "Not Good," but how bad are things really?

    Well, assuming the "spoiler chat" posted over at E! News really does contain actual spoilers, it sounds like the popular theory about Terminus is true. Which means very, VERY bad things are coming ... and maybe even a particularly gruesome storyline from the comics.

    Season 4 spoilers ahead! (And maybe season 5.)

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    Walking Dead fans, let's talk about Negan. If you've read the comics, you know exactly who Negan is: the worst bad guy of all time. Like, so bad he makes the Governor look like a candy-ass pile of quivering weaksauce. Negan's the guy behind one of the most horrific and gruesome comics scenes I've ever read, thanks to his weapon of choice, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire he calls "Lucille."

    Negan isn't just incredibly sadistic and evil, he also has the sort of potty mouth that could never make it to network television. Between his NC-17 violence and his language, it's almost impossible to imagine how Negan will show up on the small screen -- but creator Robert Kirkman has officially confirmed it. Barring the 1 percent chance plans go awry, we can definitely expect this memorable villain to join the cast at some point.

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    Being as how season 4 of The Walking Dead just came to an end last Sunday, I figured it would be a while before I started speculating about season 5. They haven't even started filming yet, for crying out loud. But AMC went and forced my hand by releasing a wonderfully upsetting poster for season 5, and now I can't help thinking about what it all meeeeeeaaaaans.

    Spoilers for season 4 ahead -- along with a roundup of knowns and unknowns about season 5.

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    Who's recovering from The Walking Dead finale last night? I think in terms of sheer OMGWTF-edness, the Lizzie episode had this one beat, and of course it can't even compare to the Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode, but this finale still delivered some decent edge-of-the-seat moments. I mean, did Rick have one of the most gruesome spit-takes that's ever happened onscreen or what?

    Now that season 4 has officially come to an end, I've got a great roundup of hilarious fan-created graphics referencing the finale and other memorable moments from this season. Let these images help soothe the pain of knowing we have to wait until OCTOBER to see what happens next.

    (Spoilers ahead!)

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    (Walking Dead finale spoilers ahead!) Wow. I hope you weren't eating, like, manicotti tonight, Walking Dead fans. Or maybe anything at all during that one scene early on. Later, I feel it would have been appropriate to savor a slow-cooked rib or two. With a nice Chianti, of course.

    If you're caught up on tonight's final episode of the season, let's get to the recappin'.

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    It's finally almost here: the finale of The Walking Dead. Mysteriously titled "A," this Sunday's episode has the following synopsis: "Rick and the others begin to reunite at Terminus, soon realizing that the marauders are closing in, and that the so-called sanctuary is not exactly what it seems to be."

    Terminus isn't the happy feel-good "community for all" it promised to be? NO WAY SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. That part of the story may not exactly be a holy-crapper, but I'm sure there are plenty of surprises yet to come in the final hour. Here's a roundup of teaser clips, hints, and promos for the last episode of season four.

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    Who ya gonna call? A New Hampshire store has called in some ghostbusters after capturing what appears to be paranormal activity on its surveillance cam. As a worker leaves the room, a glass plate can be seen picking itself up off the counter and whizzing through the air to smash on the floor. The freaked-out worker then rushes back in to see what happened.

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    Can you believe The Walking Dead finale is just a week away? After the events that transpired tonight in "Us," I guarantee we're going to be shaking our fists at the TV screen next Sunday and cursing AMC for the fact that we'll have to wait months to see what happens in season 5. I've done my fair share of criticizing this show's somewhat inconsistent quality over the seasons, but I can't deny that I always, ALWAYS come back for more.

    If you're caught up on the latest Walking Dead (in other words, spoilers ahead), here's what went down in tonight's episode:

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    There are just two episodes remaining in season 4 of The Walking Dead, and according to producer Gale Hurd, we can expect to see "certain characters pushed to their limit — in a way the way that Carol was — in these final two weeks." You've got to hand it to AMC, they sure know how to drive the breathless hype for a series. What could impact our remaining survivors as much as the infamous "Grove" episode?

    We'll find out soon enough, but if you enjoy wild speculation based on short strategically-edited clips, join me in reviewing the sneak peeks for this Sunday's episode!

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