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    The writers on Saturday Night Live must have had a field day tossing around various ideas when they viewed the video that shocked the world this week. Of course, I'm referring to Beyonce's sister Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator -- what else?! 

    Jay Pharoah and newcomer Sasheer Zamata played excellent versions of Jay Z and Solange, but the audience went super wild when Maya Rudolph returned to reprise her role as Beyonce, or Queen Bey, or Bey, or whatever moniker she goes by these days. Their unique excuse for what happened after the Met Gala on that fateful night will put you in stitches.

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    Charlize Theron is a gorgeous woman who clearly cannot sing. Last night's Saturday Night Live made sure to point that out to us with their opening monologue, which called out all of Charlize's other amazing talents but took her celebrity abilities down a notch by making sure we all knew she can't sing a tune. I was bored with it. But Charlize's hosting role did allow her to showcase all the weird accents and voices she can do ... even if she didn't do a great job of maintaining whatever accent it was throughout the whole sketch.

    My favorite bit of the night might have been the most awkward one -- though there were many. Charlize and Nasim Pedrad's Man Plan bit featured some odd beats coming from a kid's computer with both women "dancing" to the music. Weird, but wonderful.

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    Saturday Night Live writer Leslie Jones made her first on-air appearance on the show this past weekend, and wow did she make an impact. The black comedienne went on during Colin Josts' "Weekend Update" segment to congratulate Lupita Nyong'o's "Most Beautiful" award and ended up joking about the changing definition of black beauty.

    Jones poked fun at honoring black women for being the most beautiful and argued in favor of a "most useful" category instead. She asked Colin if he would pick her or Lupita if he were faced with three Crips in a dark parking lot. He picked Jones, whose large frame and even larger personality might actually have a fighting chance against some gang members.

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    Seth Rogen opened SNL with three stellar (and hilarious) cameos on Saturday night. He didn't bother weaving them throughout the show but rather just brought them right out in his opening monologue. One-by-one James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and Taylor Swift joined him on stage.

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    I love Pharrell Williams. He's like gold. A rainbow. A magical being. Anything he is involved with lately becomes the coolest thing of the moment. And he's having many incredible moments. I love his songs and his style (except for that hat) and his smooth voice. I love his adorable dancing. And I love the song Happy. It makes me happy!

    But seeing Pharrell perform Happy on Saturday Night Live was a complete let-down.

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    Louis CK was on Saturday Night Live last night and just as I expected, he killed it. Not literally killed it, but just say that in a teen girl's voice and know that it was great. I loved his monologue -- he takes everyday things and exposes the truth, sometimes the awful truth, and he makes it funny.

    Part of us is laughing at his delivery. The other part is laughing at ourselves. At life. At messed up truths. What he had to say about wife beaters ... well, see for yourself.

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    Well? Lena Dunham's hosting gig on Saturday Night Live definitely didn't disappoint fans, and once again, she proved that she's just as confident as ever.

    And while she showcased her talents in a variety of sketches, by far her most daring was her "Girl" skit with Taran Killam, which told the story of Adam and Eve through the eyes of Lena and her Girls co-star, Adam Driver.

    Check it out.

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    After much tongue-clucking, controversy and hype, 27-year-old Sasheer Zamata -- the first female black Saturday Night Live cast member to join the show in SIX years!! -- made her debut last night. The reviews and reactions are in, and the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe performer (obviously) knocked it out of the park.

    What's more, SNL didn't feel the need to make a big to-do about it. They just put her in a bunch of skits, and let her shine, which was the perfect approach. Here, Sasheer's highlights of the night ...

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    Saturday Night Live just got a whole lot funnier -- and more diverse. Sasheer Zamata, 27, part of the New York Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe until recently, will join the cast on the January 18 episode. For her, it's the dream gig. For the rest of us, it's going to be awesome because SNL will be funnier than ever now that they have a proper cross section of society represented.

    In the past few months, Saturday Night Live has come under fire for a lack of diversity, more specifically for the lack of an African American woman to play African American roles. When Kerry Washington hosted the show back in November, it was big news.

    Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah had both commented publicly about the lack of diversity and made it clear that they were sick of dressing in drag to portray black women. Damn straight.

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    SNL stars Jay Pharoah and Nasim Pedrad's spot-on impressions of Kanye and Kim were so amusing in the show's first "Waking Up With Kimye" sketch back in November that obviously they had to bring 'em back for this weekend's Christmas Special. While the last sketch made fun of Kanye's control freak ways and his insistence that Kim is some sort of secret artistic genius, this week's was definitely a bit harsher ... and I'd say even funnier as a result!

    They even mocked "Bound 2" -- cuz at this point, who hasn't?! -- and it was priceless.

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