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    Polygamy is legal in Utah again! And there was much rejoicing in the Brown household, as the Sister Wives can finally put their battle with the law to rest and just enjoy life in polygamous unity.

    Federal judge Chuck Waddoups issued a final ruling on Wednesday in Utah's infamous polygamy case instigated by the openly polygamous Brown family, who star on the TLC reality show Sister Wives. The family sued in 2011 when the state threatened to come after them for violating cohabitation laws by living as husband and wife and wife and wife and wife, even though only one wife is legally wed to Cody Brown.

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    Sister Wives may be over for the season, but that doesn't mean the drama between the wives is finished! We saw that was true in tonight's special "tell-all" episode. What started off seeming like a dull but sweet recap of the just-completed fifth season quickly took a turn when Christine Brown stormed off the stage in the middle of an interview. We'd expect this from the Housewives, but the Sister Wives? Never.

    I'm making it sound like Christine was moments away from flipping a table, which isn't remotely true -- but she was clearly upset. Though her polite request to leave was never brought up again while the cameras rolled, it was suggested via voice-over that Robyn Brown's current plans for pregnancy might be upsetting Christine. Robyn apparently insisted that no questions about more children for the family be asked for the remainder of the evening. 

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    Tonight's episode of Sister Wives had each and every member of the Brown family 'revealed.' At least that's what the title indicated. Instead of shocking truths and a lot of gasp-worthy moments, we get a series of home videos and baby photos screened on a mammoth white sheet in the backyard. The only real moment of truth happened so quickly, if you paused to go eat some watermelon or perhaps make use of the toilet, you missed it. That moment? When Meri Brown and Janelle Brown openly acknowledged that their relationship needs work.

    You'd think that when it came to a man being married to three women, he'd be in the hot seat often. That doesn't seem to be the case with Kody Brown. While polygamy isn't my jam (the idea of my dude being married to other ladies is enough to make my fists involuntarily clench and also suddenly I am holding brass knuckles), Kody seems to have it on lock. His ladies are happy with him -- just not always with each other. Exhibit Meri and Janelle.  

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    This week marked the second half of the grand RV adventure for the Brown family. They reached their destination, Missouri, and the biblical polygamist family that they were so eager to meet. Well, most of them were eager. Christine Brown -- ever the voice of reason -- was slightly concerned. I love how straightforward and blunt she is. She basically kept saying, "WHAT IF THEY'RE WEIRD?" Which to me seemed like a perfectly valid (albeit hilarious) thing to keep stressing out about. 

    But that wasn't the case. Although the two families approach their polygamy from different religious backgrounds, they are fundamentally the same -- they just want to be allowed to live and love as a family. Christine, the toughest nut to crack in the Brown family when it came to meeting these outsiders, just utterly melted when she spoke to Abigail, one of the little girls from Missouri. 

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    I learned a few lessons this week, first while watching TLC's Sister Wives, season 5 episode 6, and then the two-part finale of Catfish on MTV. This week, Kody Brown and his family provide a great example of basic reality TV 101 -- I'm talking how it all gets put together, not mean-spirited editing or engineering. Fascinating. Plus, Catfish, are you ready for this? Catfish taught me how to be a better parent. No lie. Watch today's exclusive video for all that, PLUS viewer questions.

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    Tonight the entire Brown family deserves a slow-clap round of applause. Traveling with kids is difficult even if it's just one kid on board. Whether or not we like to acknowledge it at the time, going on "quick and easy trips" is a thing that goes the way of "sleeping in" or "not eating leftover hot dog pieces for dinner" -- it just doesn't happen. Tonight we saw Kody Brown crack under the strain of traveling with your plural family. 

    On tonight's episode of Sister Wives, the family embarked on an epic cross-country road trip to visit a biblical polygamist family and learn what their experience is like. But this episode was all about the journey and not about the destination. The last time the Browns went on an epic road trip, it was a miserable experience. This one is going ... insanely well! The gang for the most part stayed out of fights, stuck to a schedule, and remained calm. Well, apart from Kody. 

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    Sometimes you watch reality television and want to smack your head against the wall. You think to yourself, WHY didn't anyone see this coming? That was me this week, watching Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars episode 5. In today's exclusive video, I give you my take on Gretchen Rossi and her date night problem. Why did it have to be Slade Smiley or no one? Also today, the "Megan & Jeff" episode of Catfish on MTV, as well as my first ever dive into TLC's Sister Wives and why I think their production choices are so smart.

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    This week's episode was supposed to be all about the teenage members of the Brown family, but it was Janelle Brown who really stole the show. Janelle has made no secret about her struggles with her weight and self-esteem. Over the course of a year, she's made tremendous strides, but lately between work and kids (something we can ALL relate to), she's plateaued. This week, with a little help from trainer Sean, Janelle kicked that plateau's butt and recommitted to her wellness plan.

    I'm not one for personal trainers, and neither is Janelle! Sometimes when you're working out, the LAST thing you want is someone barking cliches about pain being weakness leaving the body into your (very sweaty) ears. Janelle griped a bit about Sean's love of symbols and metaphors, but the one he chose for her this week really struck home -- and it's not hard to see why! 

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    It was a double-header of new episodes of Sister Wives on TLC tonight! Usually twice the Browns means twice the well-meaning shenanigans and tonight was no exception. If anything, tonight's installments were almost TOO sweet. My favorite moments overall? Why that would include Christine Brown revealing the truth of Kody's feelings about the move to Las Vegas AND seeing all of Robyn's hard work paying off in a loan for the family business! CELEBRATE.

    First up, the business-y type stuff. At the end of the last week's episode, I don't know about you, but I was 90% sure that the family was in NO WAY going to get the loan they needed to help Robyn Brown's brainchild soar. I did a veritable Scooby-Doo double take when the investors came back and offered them dollars -- albeit, a little bit less than they had originally planned on receiving. I maybe did a fist-pump. The business lives on!  

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    Robyn Brown and Meri Brown rounded a corner this week, and it was pretty great. Though it took us some time to get there. If you turned on this week's installment of Sister Wives, no one would blame you for having to check the guide to make sure you had the right channel. I, for one, thought I had quietly gone mad. This madness manifested in a strange way where every T.V. show I watched turned, inexplicably, into Shark Tank. This wasn't the case, but the stakes were just as high tonight for the Brown family as any guest dipping their toes in the Shark Tank. (Friends, that's what we call a dead-sexy segue.)

    The family -- minus the kids, who presumably lack all business acumen -- was setting out to pitch their family company, My Sisterwife's Closet, to a group of nattily dressed venture capitalists. Really, it was like something out of Dickens, only the women were even MORE passive (BURN, DICKENS, BURN -- dig that mad sting, you dead weirdo).  

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