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    Without official teams, partners, or rivals, everyone on The Challenge: Free Agents is solo this season. Well, only if we're talking about the actual game. Because romantically, it seems like everyone has paired off at the start of episode two.

    Dustin had promised his ex, Heather (with whom he appeared on VH1's Couples Therapy) that he wouldn't hook up with anyone on this season. But, then in walks Jessica, and he can't possibly remember his vow.

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    Wow, in Housewives land, Kenya Moore took center stage, whether she was crying over her dog, waving a magic wand in Porsha Stewart's face on the reunion preview, or teaming up with Kate Gosselin. We have the return of Orange County with new blood, the Beverly Hills ladies on New York, and the Dalai Lama. Well, not really.

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    The latest season of Teen Mom 2 may be over, but Dr. Drew and his crew are resurrecting the drama and highlights from all of season 5. That's right, it's reunion time! Tonight's episode features Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, as well as their respective husbands and baby daddies, discussing all the goings-on. And boy, was there heavy stuff.

    Kailyn has faced domestic violence in the past and has hit Javi on-camera before. So when Dr. Drew asked if they've had any difficulties, she revealed that she slapped Javi across the face just the night before the reunion! Apparently, the two were arguing over Jo bringing Isaac back to their house and Kailyn took her anger out on her husband. She was clearly embarrassed and sorry for the outburst and agreed that therapy would help.

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    With the latest season of Teen Mom 2 ending last week, we didn't have to wait too long for our next 16 and Pregnant round to begin. The latest season started tonight with Maddy, a rising high school junior from Tinley Park, Illinois.

    Sixteen-year-old Maddy lives with her mom, brother, sister, and baby half-sister (Maddy's mom gave birth three months before Maddy did) and has been an active athlete in school. But things took a turn for the much, much worse when she broke up with her boyfriend and went looking for a rebound. After finding Cody online, and after only an hour of knowing each other, the two hooked up, and boom, Maddy was pregnant.

    That's right. They only knew each other for an hour before Maddy got pregnant. Is that a 16 and Pregnant record? Can anyone tell me?

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    Tonight's premiere episode of the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County was all about everything old being new again. Sure, this season, there are two new housewives, and that in theory is exciting. But with characters like Vicki Gunvalson, Heather Dubrow, and Tamra Judge returning, we're way more into picking up where we left off last season. Maybe that's why we only met one of the new girls, Shannon Beador, very quickly before taking a trip to Hawaii and returning to the subject of Vicki's love life. 

    Heather and Tamra seem sure that Vicki is back with her ne'er do well boyfriend Brooks. If this is the case, Vicki certainly isn't letting the cat out of the bag. Heather and Tamra confront her -- in as friendly a way possible in Housewife-land -- about what's going on with Brooks, and Vicki's guilty expression was all we needed to see. Sure, they ended the episode with that cliffhanger, but I think we all know that she and Brooks aren't finished for good. 

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    I gotta say, before Dancing With the Stars kicked off tonight, I was pretty pumped about the whole Disney theme this week. I mean, who the heck doesn't love all things Disney? It practically screams innocence, wonder, excitement -- and of course, magic.

    But unfortunately, something just seemed SO off for many of the couples this evening -- to the point where it seems like a lot of them almost took a step backward or something.

    Granted, it may have been the partner switch-ups last week that threw an added challenge into the mix -- but other than a lucky few, most of the duos seemed out of their element this week.

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    The wedding of the season finally premiered tonight on Game of Thrones season 4 during episode 2, "The Lion and the Rose." Clearly the momentum from "Two Swords" isn't slowing down any time soon. Dubbed the "Purple Wedding" by fans, the universally despised King Joffrey gets hitched to the lovely Margaery Tyrell to form an alliance between the two powerful families.

    And it's obvious that everyone behind Game of Thrones pulled out all the stops to host the most extravagant, beautiful, colorful wedding in Westeros. Of course, the show touches on a lot of the other plot points throughout the hour, but the wedding took up a majority of it. And the ending was something fans have been waiting for years to see! So discuss it we must.

    There are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD for "The Lion and the Rose." This isn't something you want to spoil for yourself thanks to an Internet recap. Watch it for yourself first!

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    Tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode marked the finale of season 5, and we're left with plenty of drama as we await the official announcement about season 6.

    Jenelle and Nathan's relationship took yet another dark turn in today's installment. The two have been arguing more and more ever since Nathan quit his job selling timeshares. One night, they got into a major fight about money, during which the neighbors called the police, and Jenelle was arrested for breaching the peace. All in front of Jace, mind you. Her boo was quick to bail her out, but the arrest could possibly violate Jenelle's probation. Remember how the girl got 18 months unsupervised probation for her narcotics possession charges? Well, it turns out that since Janelle is only five months into the probation, the judge could consider her latest arrest a violation and throw her in jail for the remaining 13 months. Ruh-roh!

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    In the 25th installment of MTV's infamous competition show, we finally abandoned the old playbook. This time around, all of the competitors are individual players and no one is playing as part of a team. They've played with their exes, with their rivals, and with newbies, but this season, it's all about flyin' solo.

    The cast, a healthy mix of challenge veterans (hi, CT!), long-forgotten Real World participants (who's Isaac?), and rookies, will spend this season in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The players on The Challenge: Free Agents will compete for an individual $125,000 prize for the men and women. Not too shabby, huh?

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    There's an interesting phenomenon on reality television called "You Can Do No Right," and we saw it on both The Real Housewives of Atlanta as well as New York this week. Whether it was Kenya Moore or Aviva Drescher, even at their most heartbreaking moments, viewers don't seem to like (or believe) them. In this week's exclusive video below, we dish on that plus Beverly Hills, the return of Orange County, and the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding troubles!

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