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    Hey hey, it's Friday and it's The Real Housewives of Lockup. I mean, Atlanta. Or New Jersey. Or parents who should be locked up. Oh hell, I'm confused now. Is it too early to start drinking? Well ... in today's exclusive video, we examine Bravo's Extreme Guide to Parenting, episode 5, as well as the Apollo Nida prison surrender and whether that was captured (no pun intended) for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Also, Teresa Giudice is being prevented from cashing in on a post-sentencing interview after she and her husband learn their fate on October 2. I've got ALL that juice and more in today's video below.

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    This week, we saw two 30-minute episodes of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, and I continue to marvel at how sharp and together the Duggar family is with their handling of media, family news, and show promotion. These guys are GOOD. In today's exclusive episode below, I take on what makes the Duggars so relatable and an insight into the WHY behind Michelle's agreement to have 19 children.

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    Other people's marriages, other people's divorces. We can't get enough of hearing about them, so of course last night's finale of the FYI network's Married at First Sight was must-see TV. Did you call it? I actually did, but I thought I was going to be wrong, which I explain in today's video below. Let's discuss!

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    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Kate got a totally raw deal from her co-workers on tonight's episode of Below Deck. For those who missed last week's episode (shame upon you, naturally), Kate, after being called a bitchy kill-joy by a charter guest, left a towel on his bed in the shape of a penis. This week was alllll about the fall-out of her decision to make her feelings about the charter guest known through the lost art of linen-folding. 

    Her charter guest noticed it immediately and brought it to the attention of the other crew members who got in a giant kerfuffle about it. They all took Kate to task. Here's the thing that turned me off about this -- the charter member OBVIOUSLY thought it was a hilarious stunt. He was SMILING and taking photos of the blanket! He knew he was in the wrong calling Kate a bitch, and he was definitely one of those guys who respects it when people call him out and up the ante. The crew had no right to go after Kate to apologize. 

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    Now that her marriage is fixed, what will Shannon Beador do next? It's a fair question. Real Housewives of Orange County breakout newbie star Shannon made an entire season out of her failing marriage, which happily resurrected itself and, as of the reunion special, was stronger than ever. So, given that she's surely earned herself a second season, what's next? More feng shui? In today's exclusive episode below, I break down the Secrets Revealed episode. Why the producers make them, what I saw, and predictions for next season.

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    My, oh my. There's lots to discuss about last night's Real Housewives of New Jersey, season 6, episode 8, as well as new news in the Joe and Teresa Giudice case, and another casting bloodbath for The Real Housewives of New York City. What does this all mean for the cast, the RHONJ camera crew, and Bravo's bottom line? In today's exclusive episode below, I go over ALL of it in detail.

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    Color me shocked. An episode of The Extreme Guide to Parenting that I didn't hate. I didn't want to call child protective services, I didn't want to bang my head against the wall or pour a shot of tequila at 10 a.m. Wow. In today's exclusive episode, I examine the Jiu-Jitsu Valencias as well as Mama Brooks and what she's doing with her daughters in episode 4. Also, we have a revisit down south to the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama, for episode 5 of Jersey Belle, topped off with a salute to the inimitable Joan Rivers.

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    What do 19 Kids and Counting & Married at First Sight have in common? Besides no sex before marriage, that is?!? In today's exclusive episode below, I examine episode 9 of the FYI Network's relationship show as well as the season 9 premiere of TLC's 19 Kids. Between Jill Duggar's wedding plans and real-life baby news and the MAFS couples days before their decision to stay married or get divorced, there's LOTS to discuss.

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    Wowza. I heard you all loud and clear that I didn't devote enough of last week's episode to The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special, so for part 2 of season 9, I have a whole episode below! From Vicki Gunvalson removing her invisible gloves to Heather Dubrow's explanation for why she sounds so condescending, there's LOTS to discuss today.

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    Andrew Sturby may be gone, but that doesn't mean the gasp-worthy moments on Below Deck are over. Oh no, far from it! In fact, today we saw the last crew member imaginable totally lose it when the charter guests got way, way out of line.

    Look, I get it, working in customer service is no easy task and sometimes you've got to just suck it up. But no matter how much money you have, the people who are "serving" you? Yeah, they are still people

    Chief Stew Kate Chastain totally blew her stack. Here's the thing though -- I don't blame her, and I don't think anyone else watching would either. It was actually really sad to see the whole incident play out. That's because Kate began the charter with such high hopes! Coming off the last rude bunch, Kate was convinced that this group was being helmed by her "charter soul mate." Pretty quickly, however, she realized this was not the case. 

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